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İngilizce - İngilizce
A stupid person
A weight consisting of two disks or spheres attached to a short bar; used for exercise and weight training
A dumbbell is a piece of equipment used in weight training, and are considered a type of free weight. It is a weight that is usually held in one hand. Hence, dumbbells normally come in pairs. The forerunner of the dumbbell was used in India for more than a millennium, shaped like a club - so named Indian club. The design of the "Nal" as the equipment was referred to can be seen as a halfway point between a barbell and a dumbbell. It was generally used in pairs, in workouts by wrestlers, bodybuilders, sports players, and others wishing to increase strength and muscle size
A short, bar fitted with collars and iron plates Used in one hand (or two dumbbells used in both hands simultaneously) to perform a large number of exercises that benefit every major muscle Classic upper body dumbbell exercises include Bicep Curls, Shoulder Raises, and Tricep Extensions Lower Body exercises include Squats, Lunges, and Calf Raises
Not bright or clear to the eye; wanting in liveliness of color or luster; not vivid; obscure; dim; as, a dull fire or lamp; a dull red or yellow; a dull mirror
Heavy; gross; cloggy; insensible; spiritless; lifeless; inert
Weight used for exercising consisting of rigid handles about 14" long with either detachable metal discs or fixed weights at each end
an exercising weight; two spheres connected by a short bar that serves as a handle
{i} small weight for developing arm strength; stupid person, foolish person (Slang)
Furnishing little delight, spirit, or variety; uninteresting; tedious; cheerless; gloomy; melancholy; depressing; as, a dull story or sermon; a dull occupation or period; hence, cloudy; overcast; as, a dull day
Not keen in edge or point; lacking sharpness; blunt
A test specimen with lesser width at the middle of its length than at its ends
Refers to a fixed income portfolio strategy in which assets are concentrated only in the very short or very long maturity issues
A weight, consisting of two spheres or spheroids, connected by a short bar for a handle; used (often in pairs) for gymnastic exercise
a short bar with weights attached to both ends, used for weight lifting
Like a roundabout interchange, but cheaper to build One roundabout at each side of the main road with a connecting bridge works out cheaper but handles traffic less skilfully Increasingly common where road builders try to cut costs
weights attached to a short bar that can be held in one hand Often used in pairs
an exercising weight; two spheres connected by a short bar that serves as a handle an ignorant or foolish person Insensible; unfeeling
an ignorant or foolish person
A bar, usually about 1' long with plates on each end Usually used with one hand
A one-handed barbell Dumbbells are shorter and generally of a lighter weight than barbells
dumbbell curve
Any of a family of closed curves having two lobes; they satisfy the general equation y2 = α2(x4 - x6)
plural of dumbbell