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İngilizce - Türkçe
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) aksama süresi
çalışmama süresi
arıza süresi
aksaklık süresi
dinlenme ve rahatlama periyodu
Atıl zaman

The new technology gives the opportunity to reduce downtime and less scrap on the production line.

Planned Maintenance Downtime
Planned Maintenance-Downtime

Planned Maintenance-Downtime.

İngilizce - İngilizce
The amount of time lost due to forces beyond one's control, as with a computer crash
The total period that a service or component is not operational within an agreed service time Measured from when a service or component fails to when normal operations recommence
Sleep, rest FF: RoeBoot E
a period in which a machine, department or factory is idle during normal working hours
The period of time between damage and repair where an economic loss occurs
The period in which equipment is not producing product owing to maintenance or failure
A period during which a vehicle is inoperative because of repairs or maintenance
Time when a system or network is unavailable
A period during which equipment is not operating correctly because of machine failure
The period during which computer or network resources are unavailable to users because of failure
The amount of time lost due to forces beyond ones control, as with a computer crash, especially with a for-profit enterprise
{i} period when a worker is not producing work; period when a computer or machine is not operating due to a breakdown or other reason (Computers, Machinery)
a period of time when something (as a machine or factory) is not operating (especially as a result of malfunctions)
The period of time a computer, or other piece of equipment is out of order or shut down for maintenance
Slang for when a programmer is being realistic
A euphemism referring to the amount of time your webserver breaks down, making your website inaccessible
Not in sensory awareness, but "down" inside one's own mind seeing, hearing, and feeling thoughts, memories, awarenesses, a light trance state with attention focused inward
Time between activities
Downtime is time when people are not working. Downtime in Hollywood can cost a lot of money
The amount of time a vehicle or equipment is out of service for repair
A light trance state in which you attention is towards your own thoughts and feelings rather than the immediate world around you e g as in daydreaming This is when you attend to your own thoughts and feelings Downtime is useful after training to process, relax and care for yourself
n The time that a player spends doing nothing while waiting for other players to complete their turns (See also player interaction)
Periods where computers, equipment, or manufacturing systems are not available to perform work
The period during which computer or network resources are unavailable to users because of a failure
  The interval during which a functional unit is inoperable   (188)
In computing, downtime is time when a computer is not working
Total period that a service or component is not operational, within an agreed service times
In industry, downtime is the time during which machinery or equipment is not operating. On the production line, downtime has been reduced from 55% to 26%
The requisite healing time usually following laser resurfacing or an invasive procedure
(Ticaret) Periods when a resource is not available, either on a scheduled basis or due to unforeseen causes such as breakdown
The total time a system is in a non-operable state
the time that an item of equipment is out of service, as a result of equipment failure The time that an item of equipment is available, but not utilised is generally not included in the calculation of downtime E Economic Life - the total length of time that an asset is expected to remain actively in service before it is expected that it would be cheaper to replace the equipment rather than continuing to maintain it In practice, equipment is more often replaced for other reasons, including: because it no longer meets operational requirements for efficiency, product quality, comfort etc , or because newer equipment can provide the same quality and quantity of output more efficiently
plural of downtime