listen to the pronunciation of disabuse
İngilizce - İngilizce
to free from a misconception or misapprehension; to unveil a falsehood held by

It won't take them long to disabuse the newcomer of any notions of superiority.

{v} to set right, to undeceive
to free someone from a misconception or misapprehension of something; to unveil a falsehood
If you disabuse someone of something, you tell them or persuade them that what they believe is in fact untrue. Their view of country people was that they like to please strangers. I did not disabuse them of this notion. to persuade someone that what they believe is not true disabuse sb of sth (dis- + ABUSE (15-18 centuries))
To set free from mistakes; to undeceive; to disengage from fallacy or deception; to set right
free somebody (from an erroneous belief)
{f} amend or correct a person's misconception, undeceive
past of disabuse
freed of a mistaken or misguided notion; "some people are still not disabused of the old idea that the universe revolves around the Earth"
third-person singular of disabuse
present participle of disabuse