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Deutsch - Türkisch
(Satr.) Yapılacak her hamlenin pozisyonu kötüleştirmesi nedeniyle hamle yapamama durumu
Englisch - Englisch
in figurative uses

An explanation for this phenomenon may be that speech acts that include instructions (e.g., a command or request) show a higher level of activity than speech acts of assertion; the ethnomethodological analysis of conversation speaks of conversational Zugzwänge:²⁴ a request, a question or a command demands a reaction of the addressee.

A situation in which every move available to the player is disadvantageous
A position in which any decision or move will result in problems
German for "compelled to move" A situation that occurs when any move a player makes will weaken his/her position, however, he/she is compelled to move in accordance to the rules
A situation in which a player is forced to make a move as it is their turn. They would rather not move because any move they make will weaken their position
From the German `compulsion to move' A player foregoes immediate capture of compensating material for that just lost, and instead creates a larger threat the enemy must respond to, eventually achieving material (and perhaps positional) compensation Also, when every possible move worsens one's position
there is no definition of this word
German for "compulsion to move " Instead of automatically recapturing material, one player makes a move that creates a larger threat (such as mate) and gets the material later
a German word meaning "compulsion to move" When you are "in zugzwang", any move you make worsens your situation
"Compelled" to move - A position in which the side to move loses because he is compelled to move and surrender an advantage to his opponent Zwischenzug - See in-between move