world weariness

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The state or characteristic of being world-weary

Call me blasé—I do not mind, if by blasé is meant the world-weariness, intellectual, artistic, sensational, which can come to a young man of thirty. For I was thirty, and I was weary of all these things—weary and in doubt.

{i} Weltschmerz, mood of emotional nostalgic sadness; feeling of melancholy, apathy caused by sadness about life when seeing the the evils of the world
sadness on thinking about the evils of the world
world weariness


    world wea·ri·ness

    Türkische aussprache

    wırld wîrinıs


    /ˈwərld ˈwərēnəs/ /ˈwɜrld ˈwɪriːnəs/

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