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Ben kelime işlemcini kullanmak istiyorum. - I would like to use your word processor.

Bir kelime işlemciyi nasıl kullanacağını biliyor musun? - Do you know how to use a word processor?

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Englisch - Englisch
Software that provides word processing functions on a computer, typically including typeface selection, line justification and other formatting, pagination, and numerous other features. Compare text editor
A device similar to a simple computer, designed for word processing
A program for editing, formatting and printing text Some word processors also offer additional capabilities, such as importation of graphics, and the creation of charts and graphs
a software application which allows text to be typed using a keyboard and displayed on a monitor It can then be edited, saved and printed
A program that lets you create documents--files that contain text, pictures, and formatting codes Unix word processors include Wordperfect and Microsoft Word
an application that provides the user with tools needed to write and edit and format text and to send it to a printer
A program designed to help with the production of textual documents, like letters and memos Heavier duty work can be done with a desktop publisher Some common word processors include MS-Word, WordPerfect, StarOffice Write, AppleWorks Write, and GeoWrite
A type of application software that enables the user to enter, edit, and format text
A text processing tool that manipulates text in such a way that it is possible to include multiple fonts in a single document Sufficient formatting capabilities are also quite common
An application program that allows a user to input text, edit text, customize the appearance of the fonts, and print the document
the use of a computer as an automatic typewriter producing finished copy, edited to be free of error
A computer program for word processing jobs, e g , Microsoft Word
A program that allows you to create and format documents Word processing programs provide more formatting features than text editors, including file management and the ability to incorporate graphics into the document
An application program that allows you to create and format document files of a wide variety of types Simple word processors are often referred to as "text editors," because they deal only with plain text and lack the formatting capabilities of full-featured word processing programs More sophisticated varieties turn the computer into a kind of super typewriter/printing machine; these are often referred to as desktop printing programs
a computer program to facilitate the creation of printed documents such as papers, letters, resumes, and newsletters
Application specifically designed to assist with the preparation, editing and printing of highly-formatted documents
Application which provides you with the tools necessary to create and edit and format text Word processors commonly include an area to enter text, the ability to control the format of text (bold, italics, size), indenting, margins, the ability to check spelling, etc Many word processors also handle graphics to a varying degree
The software used to product documents, such as letters, posters, reports, and syllabi Common word processors used in schools are MS Works, MS Word, or ClarisWorks
An application program that allows a user to input text, edit text, customize the appearance of the fonts, and print the document By the time students leave the intermediate school (5-6), they should be able to define
A computer program to manipulate text A word processor can create, edit, and format electronic documents easily
A program used for writing text documents Originally used mainly as a replacement to the typewriter, its functionality now rivals and in some ways exceeds that of the desktop publisher
special computer program that allows one to edit documents that have been entered into the computer
Typewriter with a memory utilized to produce individualized letters; also useful in updating and expanding smaller mailing lists
A computer program which allows you to compose, edit, format and print text documents Microsoft Word is a very popular word processing program Related terms: POP, Program
An application that allows text documents to be edited and formatted on-screen before being printed
This is a "typewriting" program It creates documents, but much better than any typewriter Special fonts or type sets can be set and graphics can be inserted, the results can even be printed in colour!
A program used to enter or edit text information in personal computers, often used to create a file before it is uploaded to a network; may also be used to process text after it has been downloaded
A word processor is a computer program or a computer which is used to produce printed documents. computer software or a small computer that you use for writing letters and other documents = WP on a word processor
A program designed to create text documents
word processors
plural form of word processor
Alternative spelling of word processor
graphic word processor
word processor which enables the user to combine graphics and other symbols with text by representing the document with pixels and not with code
word processor


    word pro·ces·sor

    Türkische aussprache

    wırd präsesır


    /ˈwərd ˈpräˌsesər/ /ˈwɜrd ˈprɑːˌsɛsɜr/


    [ 'w&rd ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German wort word, Latin verbum, Greek eirein to say, speak, Hittite weriya- to call, name.

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