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Englisch - Türkisch
geveze kimse
çalçene kimse
{i} geveze

Onlar bir grup geveze. - They're a bunch of windbags.

{i} dillidüdük
{i} çalçene
i., k.dili. (fart furt eden) lafebesi
{i} çenesi düşük kimse
{i} farfara
Englisch - Englisch
someone who talks excessively
Bellows for an organ
disapproval If you call someone a windbag, you are saying in a fairly rude way that you think they talk a great deal in a boring way. someone who talks too much British Equivalent: gasbag
a boring person who talks a great deal about uninteresting topics
{i} arrogant person who talks excessively about meaningless things; bag from which air flows in the pipes of a bagpipe to make sound
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