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Englisch - Englisch
Sessions of playing the card game
Any of several four-player card games, similar to bridge
Alternative spelling of whisht
{a} silent, still
{n} a game
{e} be still
Not speaking; not making a noise; silent; mute; still; quiet
To hush or silence
A certain game at cards; so called because it requires silence and close attention
To be or become silent or still; to be hushed or mute
Be silent; be still; hush; silence
a card game for four players who form two partnerships; a pack of 52 cards is dealt and each side scores one point for each trick it takes in excess of six
Whist is a card game in which people play in pairs against each other. A card game ancestral to bridge, played with a full deck by two teams of two players, in which the last card dealt indicates trump, tricks of four cards are played, and a point is scored for each trick over six won by each team. a card game for four players in two pairs, in which each pair tries to win the most tricks (whisk (17-19 centuries); perhaps because the cards are or taken away quickly). Card game. It belongs to a family that includes bridge whist and bridge, each of which developed in succession from the original game of whist. The essential features of card games in the whist family are: four people usually play, two against two as partners; a full 52-card deck is dealt out evenly so that each player holds 13 cards; the object of play is to win tricks, and win or loss is determined by the number of tricks taken (as distinct from games such as pinochle, in which it is determined by the value of card points taken in tricks). Whist originated in 17th-century England
{i} card game
It is played by four persons (those who sit opposite each other being partners) with a complete pack of fifty-two cards
Each player has thirteen cards, and when these are played out, he hand is finished, and the cards are again shuffled and distributed
whist drive
a progressive whist party a party of people assembled to play progressive whist
bridge whist
the earliest form of bridge; the dealer could name the trump suit
domino whist
A game of cards in which the suits are played in sequence, beginning with a 5 or 9, the player who gets rid of his cards first being the winner
dummy whist
a form of whist with three players; four hands are dealt with the hand opposite the dealer being face up
solo whist
A card game played with the full pack ranking as at whist, each player declaring for which of seven different points he proposes to play