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hafta sonu

Birçok ülkede, Arap ülkeleri ve İsrail hariç genellikle Cumartesi ve Pazar, hafta sonu günleri olarak ilan edilmiştir. - In most countries, with the exception of the Arab countries and Israel, Saturday and Sunday are defined as the weekend.

Jane durgun bir hafta sonu geçirdi. - Jane spent a very flat weekend.

(isim) hafta sonu

Tom haftasonunda bir partiye ev sahipliği yaptı. - Tom hosted a party on the weekend.

Tom bu haftasonu bir doğum günü partisi veriyor. - Tom is having a birthday bash this weekend.

hafta son

Tom, Mary ile bir hafta sonu daha geçirmek zorunda kalmaktan ödü patladı. - Tom dreaded having to spend another weekend with Mary.

Hafta sonları asla çalışmam. - I never work on weekends.

hafta sonunu geçir
(fiil) hafta sonunu geçirmek
hafta sonu yapılan
hafta sonunu geçirmek
hafta sonunda
hafta tatili
weekend tour
(Turizm) haftasonu gezisi
weekend effect
hafta sonu etkisi
weekend lag
haftasonu sersemliği
weekend off
hafta sonu çalışmamak
weekend activity
hafta sonu etkinliği
weekend event
hafta sonu etkinliği
weekend house
haftasonu evi
weekend insurance
(Ticaret) hafta sonu sigortası
weekend neurosis
haftasonu nevrozu
weekend neurosis
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) hafta sonu nevrozu
weekend warrior
(Argo) yedek asker
have a nice weekend
iyi hafta sonları
a face like a wet weekend
(deyim) yüzünden düşen bin parça
at the weekend
hafta sonu
at weekend
hafta sonu
every weekend
Her hafta sonun(da)
have a good weekend
iyi hafta sonları
long weekend
uzun haftasonu
long weekend
cuma yada pazartesi tatil olan hafta sonu
take the weekend off
Haftasonu izni almak
to entertain guests over the weekend
hafta sonu konuk eğlendirmek için
are there special weekend rates
özel hafta sonu tarifeleriniz var mı
come home for the weekend
evci çıkmak
have a nice weekend
İyi tatiller
last weekend
geçen hafta sonu
per weekend
hafta sonu için
Englisch - Englisch
The break in the working week, usually two days including the traditional holy or sabbath day. Thus in western countries, Saturday and Sunday. Occasionally abbreviated to w/e
To spend the weekend

We'll weekend at the beach.

Occurring at the weekend

a weekend break.

Of, relating to or for the weekend

I'm wearing my weekend shoes.

{i} days of rest at the end of the week
A weekend is Saturday and Sunday. She had agreed to have dinner with him in town the following weekend He told me to give you a call over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday, especially considered as time when you do not work. to spend the weekend somewhere
College courses are held on Friday nights and during the day on Saturdays for five weekends, with classes meeting every other weekend
el fin de semana
{f} spend or pass the weekend
spend the weekend
Two day period during which your growling stomach makes you really wish you'd signed up for a seven day meal plan
The end of the week; specif
When Dad gets to play golf while Mom catches up on the laundry, cleans the house, runs errands, etc
The break in the working week, usually two days including the traditional holy or sabbath day. Thus in western countries, Saturday and Sunday
a time period usually extending from Friday night through Sunday; more loosely defined as any period of successive days including one and only one Sunday
Exclusively scheduled Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
though loosely, the period observed commonly as a holiday, from Saturday noon or Friday night to Monday; as, to visit one for a week-end; also, a house party during a week-end
Taggara n ddurt Taggara n imalas
Saturday and Sunday
weekend warrior
A person who indulges in a sport or pastime on an infrequent basis, usually on weekends when work commitments are not present

The most common foot related injury I see for the weekend warrior is heel pain.

weekend warrior
A part-time soldier, or reservist

Such was the pace with which I, and many like me, the so called ‘weekend warriors’ or Territorial Army, were hoisted aboard the Gulf War battle wagon.

weekend warriors
plural form of weekend warrior
Weekend Effect
(Finans) A phenomenon in financial markets in which stock returns on Mondays are often significantly lower than those of the immediately preceding Friday. Some theories that explain the effect attribute the tendency for companies to release bad news on Friday after the markets close to depressed stock prices on Monday. Others state that the weekend effect might be linked to short selling, which would affect stocks with high short interest positions. Alternatively, the effect could simply be a result of traders' fading optimism between Friday and Monday
Weekend Effect
(Finans) The common recurrent low or negative average return from Friday to Monday in the stock market
weekend papers
newspapers which are printed on Fridays, newspapers that are read at the end of the week
weekend warrior
a reservist who fulfills the military obligation on weekends a homeowner who acts as a contractor and tries to do major improvement projects on weekends (often without understanding the scope of the work to be done)
long weekend
A weekend extended by one or more days off falling on the days that surround it

I took a long weekend with my wife when no one else had a holiday.

lost weekend
A period of several days in which one indulges in activities such as binge drinking, drug-taking and sex
something for the weekend
A condom
at the weekend
At the weekend UK (US on the weekend): On Saturday or Sunday, or on both Saturday and Sunday: "What did you do at the weekend?", "We go out once in a while after work and on the weekend."
long weekend
three- or four-day weekend
past of weekend
present participle of weekend
plural of weekend
third person singular of weekend



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    /ˈwēkˌend/ /ˈwiːkˌɛnd/


    ... So next weekend some friends of mine from Italy are in ...
    ... So for the uninitiated, a hack-a-thon is a weekend event ...

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