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A curving inwards; the condition of being curved inwards
The state of being curved or bent; any curved shape or formation; curvature; a curve; a bend
The act of acquiring or being given a curved form; a curving or bending; any instance of this

The incurvation or bending of a ray of light, incident on such a surface.

Bowing in reverence or worship
a shape that curves or bends inward
The act of bowing, or bending the body, in respect or reverence
The state of being bent or curved; curvature
the action of creating a curved shape
{i} act of curving or bending; curve, bend; inward curve
The act of bending, or curving
{n} the act of bowing or bending a bow
{f} curve inward, bend inward
To cause something to curve inwards
To bend; to curve; to make crooked