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A pocket of embryonic tissue that is the beginning of an organ
A membrane-bound compartment found in a cell
A small sac or cyst or vacuole, especially one containing fluid. A blister formed in or beneath the skin, containing serum. A bleb
A small cavity formed in volcanic rock by entrapment of a gas bubble during solidification
A small bladder-like cell or cavity
{n} a small cuticle filled or inflated
n a small hole in an igneous rock that created by gasses escaping from the rock as it cools and solidifies
a small cavity in an aphanitic (fine-grained) or glassy igneous rock, formed by the expansion of a bubble of gas or steam during the solidification of the rock
A bladderlike vessel; a membranous cavity; a cyst; a cell
1: Enlarged structure at the end of a coniodiophore or sporangiophore In Aspergillus spp it bears the phialides, which in turn bear the conidia
A small bladder-like sac used by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for carbon storage
A small bladderlike body in the substance of vegetable, or upon the surface of a leaf
{i} bladder or bladder-like cavity; small blister filled with fluid; sac in the body, cyst (especially one filled with fluid); cavity formed in a rock by a pocket of gas that is trapped during the rock's formation (Geology)
A circumscribed cavity in the epidermis filled with serum, plasma, or blood and covered by a thin layer of epidermis that is greatly elevated above the surface
A small, and more or less circular, elevation of the cuticle, containing a clear watery fluid
A cavity or sac, especially one filled with fluid; as, the umbilical vesicle
A small convex hollow prominence on the surface of a shell or a coral
Literally a small bag or pouch Inside a cell, a vesicle is a small organelle surrounded by its own membrane
A membrane-bound structure used to shuttle molecules within the membrane
A bubble-shaped cavity in lava, formed by the expansion of entrapped gases Such cavities may later become filled with material deposited from solution Vesicular basalt (bubbly basalt lava) is basaltic lava containing numerous openings, generally ellipsoidal or cylindrical in shape, formed by the expansion of dissolved gases in the molten rock
small collection of fluid, e g , sunburn vesicle
Fluid filled sac
a small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid)
a small, elevated lesion filled with clear fluid
They are produced by the liberation of watery vapor in the molten mass
a small, blister-like, fluid-containing elevation on the skin or mucous membrane
A small cavity, nearly spherical in form, and usually of the size of a pea or smaller, such as are common in some volcanic rocks
seminal vesicle
One of two simple tubular glands located behind the male urinary bladder, responsible for the production of about sixty percent of the fluid that ultimately becomes semen
A vesicle
germinal vesicle
The enlarged nucleus of an oocyte before meiotic division is completed
optic vesicle
An evagination on either side of the embryonic forebrain from which the optic nerve and retina develop
seminal vesicle
adds nutrient fluid to semen during ejaculation
seminal vesicle
Either of a pair of pouchlike glands situated on each side of the male urinary bladder that secrete seminal fluid and nourish and promote the movement of spermatozoa through the urethra
seminal vesicle
{i} seminal gland, one of the paired glands that produces seminal liquied
A hollow sphere with the shell made up of a surfactant bilayer Cells are examples of vesicles
Small blisters filled with liquid that contains virus particles
plural of vesicle
Swollen lipid filled bodies produced in plant root cells by most, but not all endomycorrhizas Used for storage
In solidified lavas this is a term used to describe 'frozen' gas bubbles When lavas are erupted, the drop in pressure allows gases to separate and form bubbles in the molten rock If the lava solidifies before the gas bubbles escape the 'bubbles' or vesicles are preserved in the rock When vesicles are later in filled with a mineral they are called amygdales
Small hollow balls of membrane or lipid Amoeboid cells contain many vesicles which exchange with membrane due to endocytosis and exocytosis Vesicles can also be made in the test tube Letters W to Z
Tiny sacks within axon terminals that produce, release, and store neurotransmitters
the formation of vesicles
The formation of vesicles; blistering
The state of containing vesicles, or the process by which vesicles are formed
{i} formation of vesicles; inducement of blisters
The presence of vesicles