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Expressing hesitation or inarticulacy; er, um
you're, you are
an city in ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), which existed from about 3500 BC to about the sixth century BC. According to the Old Testament of the Bible, Abraham was born there. Ancient city and district, Sumer, southern Babylonia. It was situated on a former channel of the Euphrates River. One of the oldest cities of Mesopotamia, it was settled sometime in the 4th millennium BC. In the 25th century BC it was the capital of southern Mesopotamia under its first dynasty. Though it later declined, it again became important around the 22nd century BC. It is mentioned in the Bible (as Ur of the Chaldees) as the early home of Hebrew patriarch Abraham in the 18th century BC. In subsequent centuries it was captured and destroyed by many groups, including the Elamites and Babylonians. Nebuchadrezzar II restored it in the 6th century BC. Excavations, especially in the 1920s and '30s, uncovered remains of great archaeological value
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One of the world's oldest cities, in Sumer, Ur was the ancestral homeland (Gen 11: 28-31) from which Abraham and his family migrated to Haran, although some scholars have suggested a northern location for the Abrahamic Ur Archaeologically, the Sumerian Ur is notable for its well-preserved ziggurat and "royal cemetery," whose tombs have yielded a number of beautifully crafted artwork, furniture, jewelry, and other sophisticated artifacts (mid-third millennium b c e )
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youre, you are
Undergraduate Resident: Appears on U-Bill behind tuition charge This indicates the student is an undergraduate (has not received a degree yet) and an Iowa resident May also say "GR" meaning a graduate and an Iowa resident
an ancient city of Sumer located on a former channel of the Euphrates River
Abbreviated affectation of speech used by SNERTs and some SNERFs for the normal English words "You're" and "Your " Frequently used by Fundies in the formulation of sound rebuttals such as, "UR Mama" or "UR an idiot "
poss pron your See bhur
Utilization review: A program used in managed care plans to reduce unnecessary medical services An individual or organization, on behalf of an insurer, reviews the necessity, use, appropriateness, efficacy or efficiency of health care services, procedures, providers, or facilities
The urus
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(rhymes with fur): In Glasgow and West Central Scotland, ur is a spoken form of are Ur youse no ready yet?
Uruguay Round
£30 per hour staff time, plus parts at cost
Utilization Review
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(Osmanlı Dönemi) Önünde hendek olan istihkâm. Yüksek ve müstahkem yer, toprak tabya. Burç
Mezopotamya'da kurulmuş en büyük sitelerden biri
Kale hendeği
Ardahan ilinde bir ılıca ve madensuyu
Ağaçtan oyulmuş leğen
Hücrelerin aşırı çoğalmasıyla dokularda oluşan ve büyüme eğilimi gösteren yumru, tümör
Hücrelerin aşırı çoğalmasıyla dokularda oluşan ve büyüme eğilimi gösteren yumru, tümör: "Yalnız yağ birikintisinden ibaret bir bez, bir nevi ur, hayatı tehdit edecek bir şey değil!"- A. Ş. Hisar
Englisch - Türkisch
Telaffuzu "your" kelimesinin telaffuzu ile aynı olduğu için "your" anlamına gelir

Is that ur car?.