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Englisch - Türkisch
{f} mağlup ol
mağlup ol(mak)
unwontedly alışılmamış şekilde
{s} olağandışı
{s} alışılmamış
{s} alışmamış
3det dışl
{s} nadir
alışılmadık şekilde
Englisch - Englisch
Unused (to); unaccustomed (to) something

we demand the language we are accustomed to, and that which is different from this seems not in keeping but somewhat unintelligible and foreign because of its unwontedness.

Not customary or habitual; unusual; infrequent; strange

And ocean salinity, of course, represented only the merest sliver of my ignorance. I didn't know what a proton was, didn't know a quark from a quasar, didn't know how geologists could look at a layer of rock on a canyon wall and tell you how old it was, didn't know anything, really. I became gripped by a quiet, unwonted but insistent urge to know a little more about these matters and to understand above all how people figured them out.

{a} uncommon, unusual, rare
Uncommon; unusual; infrequent; rare; as, unwonted changes
unusual and not what you expect to happen
Not wonted; unaccustomed; unused; not made familiar by practice; as, a child unwonted to strangers
Not customary or habitual; unusual; infrequent
out of the ordinary; "an unwonted softness in her face"
out of the ordinary; "an unwonted softness in her face
{s} rare, unusual
Unwonted; unused; unaccustomed
in an unusual manner
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