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The process by which emotions and desires, originally associated with one person, such as a parent, are unconsciously shifted to another
The act of conveying from one place to another; the act of transferring or the fact of being transferred
the act of conveying from one person or place to another
a term used in psychodynamic therapy describing a patient's emotional involvement with the psychotherapist as an authority figure
The act of transferring; conveyance; passage; transfer
the act of transfering something from one form to another; "the transfer of the music from record to tape suppressed much of the background noise"
(trans-fer´ens): The phenomenon in psychoanalysis in which the patient comes to feel and act toward the therapist in ways that resemble how he or she feels and acts toward other significant adults (p 574)
unconscious process in which emotions and attitudes experienced in childhood are transferred to the therapist
{i} carrying to-, sending to-, crossing, conveyance
In psychoanalytic theory, an unconscious phenomenon in which the client projects onto the nurse or therapist attitudes, feelings, and desires originally linked with early significant persons The nurse or therapist represents these figures in the client's current life
– the unconscious transfer of feelings of hostility or affection from the patient to the professional
a type of projection in which we project old parent issues, usually symboically incestuous, onto the therapist Resolved, libido then is released from the mother imago (the incestuous object) and flows down and activated archetypal imagery Jung paid attention to the projection of archetypal contents (like making the therapist a god in dreams), often first projected onto the parents, in order to focus the client inward and separate the ego from the collective unconscious ("objectivation of impersonal images") while opening up the dialog between them Clients can also form a transference attachment to their own unconscious Unlike Freud, Jung thought therapists cure in spite of, not because of, the transference
The transference of something such as power, information, or affection from one person or place to another is the action of transferring it. It is a struggle for a transference of power = transfer
Intense feelings directed toward the therapist that many clients experience in the process of therapy
(psychoanalysis) the process whereby emotions are passed on or displaced from one person to another; during psychoanalysis the displacement of feelings toward others (usually the parents) is onto the analyst
Freudian term used to describe the unconscious assignment to others of feelings and attitudes associated with significant figures from the person's early life Considered an important element of psychoanalytic treatment
transferring ownership
erotic transference
The process by which erotic feelings to someone are subconciously shifted towards another
thought transference
thought transference
transferal of thoughts, telepathy