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Englisch - Türkisch
(Tıp) Zehirli, zehirleyici, zehir meydana gelen
(Tıp) Zehirli, madde zehir
{i} zehirli madde
{s} toksin oluşturan
(isim) zehirli madde
toksik madde
pulmonary toxicant
(Tıp) pulmoner toksik madde
Englisch - Englisch
Capable of causing damage by poisoning
A toxic or poisonous substance
a substance that can cause tissue damage or otherwise affect organs or systems within the body
This descriptor is applied to any substance which is potentially toxic See toxicity
A harmful substance or agent that may injure an exposed organism
A chemical that can produce adverse health effects
a poisonous substance; not necessarily synonymous with toxin, which refers usually to poisonous substances produced by living organisms Used particularly of fungicides, bactericides, insecticides etc
Any chemical or mixture of chemicals that presents a risk of death, disease, injury, or birth defects in organisms that ingest or absorb it
{s} poisonous, poisoning
A poison or toxic substance
- substances that produce adverse biological effects of any nature; may be chemical or physical in nature; effects may be of various types (acute, chronic, etc)
A poisonous substance such as the active ingredient in pesticide formulations that can injure or kill plants, animals, or microorganisms *
A poisonous agent or drug, as opium; an intoxicant
A substance that kills or injures an organism through chemical or physical action or by altering the organism's environment; for example, cyanides, phenols, pesticides, or heavy metals; especially used for insect control
having the qualities or effects of a poison
{i} poison





    [ 'täk-si-k&nt ] (noun.) circa 1882. Medieval Latin toxicant-, toxicans, present participle of toxicare to poison, from Latin toxicum.

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