to terrorize

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Englisch - Englisch
coerce by violence or with threats
{f} terrify, intimidate, dominate or coerce through intimidation (also terrorise)
to fill (someone) with terror; to terrify
ter·ror·ize terrorizes terrorizing terrorized in BRIT, also use terrorise If someone terrorizes you, they keep you in a state of fear by making it seem likely that they will attack you. Bands of gunmen have hijacked food shipments and terrorized relief workers. to deliberately frighten people by threatening to harm them, especially so they will do what you want be terrorized into doing sth
to coerce (someone) by using threats or violence
fill with terror; frighten greatly
To impress with terror; to coerce by intimidation
to terrorize


    to ter·ror·ize

    Türkische aussprache

    tı terırayz


    /tə ˈterərˌīz/ /tə ˈtɛrɜrˌaɪz/

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