to outdated

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Hepimiz eski zamanlardan kitaplarda kalan eski yasaları duyduk, bunların çoğu birkaç kahkaha için iyidir. - We’ve all heard of outdated laws that remain on the books from earlier times, many of which are good for a few laughs.

{s} zaman aşımına uğramış
{s} modası geçmiş, demode
{s} hükmü kalmamış
{s} modası geçmiş

O kitabın modası geçmiş. - That book is outdated.

kullanımdan kalkmış

Ebedi olmayan şey ebediyen kullanımdan kalkmıştır. - What is not eternal is eternally outdated.

{s} günün şartlarına uymayan, zamana uymayan, köhne; çağın gereksinimlerini karşılamayan
{s} eski teknoloji
Englisch - Englisch
Out of date, old-fashioned, antiquated

His outdated word processing software could not read the files I sent.

Out of date; not the latest one

Your version of the document is outdated.

If you describe something as outdated, you mean that you think it is old-fashioned and no longer useful or relevant to modern life. outdated and inefficient factories Caryl Churchill's play about Romania is already outdated
Being out of date; antiquated
old; no longer in use or valid or fashionable; "obsolete words"; "an obsolete locomotive"; "outdated equipment"; "superannuated laws"; "out-of-date ideas"
{s} old, no longer widely used
to outdated


    to out·da·ted

    Türkische aussprache

    tı autdeytîd


    /tə ˈoutˌdātəd/ /tə ˈaʊtˌdeɪtɪd/

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