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A series of riots in 1969 New York City, beginning with the patrons of the gay bar "The Stonewall Inn" resisting police arrest, which marked the beginning of the militant gay rights movement

Stonewall means fighting back.

To refuse to cooperate, especially in supplying information

At the press conference, the Prime Minister appeared to be stonewalling when asked about tax increases.

certain, stone cold

Lennon also pointed to a booking for Niall McGinn for diving as a stonewall penalty to add to his grievances.

A wall made up of stone
A series of riots in 1969 New York City beginning with the patrons of a gay bar, The Stonewall Inn, resisting police arrest which marked the beginning of the militant gay rights movement
{f} block; obstruct; play defensively (Cricket); (in Parliament) filibuster, give very long speeches in an attempt to stop the passage of a law (British)
Sometimes called choke, it the point at the opposite end of the centrifugal characteristic from the natural surge point Stonewall is the maximum flow that can be passed through a centrifugal compressor impeller
The nickname for the Stonewall riots in 1969
To bat only to stop the pitcher from hitting the sticks, without attempting to score A defensive tactic, like basketball's "stall"
obstruct or hinder any discussion; "Nixon stonewalled the Watergate investigation"; "When she doesn't like to face a problem, she simply stonewalls"
obstruct or hinder any discussion; "Nixon stonewalled the Watergate investigation"; "When she doesn't like to face a problem, she simply stonewalls
The unstable operation of a centrifugal compressor below the design point of the compressor (055)
engage in delaying tactics or refuse to cooperate; "The President stonewalled when he realized the plot was being uncovered by a journalist"
disapproval If you say that someone stonewalls, you disapprove of them because they delay giving a clear answer or making a clear decision, often because there is something that they want to hide or avoid doing. The administration is just stonewalling in an attempt to hide their political embarrassment + stonewalling stone·wall·ing After 18 days of stonewalling, he at last came out and faced the issue. a British organization that works to improve the legal rights of homosexual men and women, and to persuade politicians to change any laws that treat homosexuals unfairly. to delay a discussion, decision etc by talking a lot and refusing to answer questions
Stonewall Jackson
a US general in the Confederate army during the American Civil War, whose real name was Thomas Jackson. He fought at the battle of Bull Run and helped to defeat the Union army there (1824-63). orig. Thomas Jonathan Jackson born Jan. 21, 1824, Clarksburg, Va., U.S. died May 10, 1863, Guinea Station, Va. U.S. and Confederate army officer. Despite little formal education, he secured an appointment to West Point. He served with distinction in the Mexican War. At the start of the American Civil War, he organized Virginia volunteers into an effective brigade. At the first Battle of Bull Run, he stationed his brigade in a strong line and withstood a Union assault, a feat that earned him a promotion to major general and the nickname "Stonewall." In 1862 he won campaigns in the Shenandoah Valley and later in the Seven Days' Battles. Robert E. Lee used Jackson's troops to encircle the Union forces to win the second Battle of Bull Run, and Jackson assisted Lee at Antietam and Fredericksburg. In April 1863, while moving his troops around the flank of the Union army at Chancellorsville, he was accidentally shot and mortally wounded by his own men
Stonewall riots
(June 28, 1969) Series of violent confrontations between police and gay rights activists in New York City. In response to the second raid in a week by police on the Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in Greenwich Village that had been selling liquor without a license, about 1,000 transvestites, gays, and lesbians taunted police and threw debris; police responded with violence. Similar riots occurred on succeeding nights and were followed by protest rallies. The event marked the awakening of gay rights organizations throughout the U.S.; it is commemorated annually in Gay and Lesbian Pride Week. In 1999 the U.S. National Park Service placed the Stonewall Inn on the National Register of Historic Places. See also gay rights movement
past of stonewall
one who stonewalls or refuses to answer or cooperate; someone who delays by lengthy speeches etc
stalling or delaying especially by refusing to answer questions or cooperate
present participle of stonewall
{i} stalling by refusing to cooperate
plural of , stonewall
third-person singular of stonewall