static random access memory

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random access memory
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) rasgele erişimli bellek
random access memory
rastgele erişilebilir bellek
random access memory
rastgele erişimli bellek
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Static RAM is used for the cache memory and registers in computer systems. SRAM typically requires four or six transistors per bit, making it substantially more expensive than DRAM, which usually requires one transistor per bit. SRAM is able to operate at higher speeds than DRAM, and does not require refreshing
random access memory
The main memory of a computer available for program execution or data storage
random access memory
Computer memory that dynamically stores program and data values during operation and in which each byte of memory may be directly accessed
Random Access Memory
computer memory where data is temporarily stored for quick retrieval (once the computer is turned off all data in RAM is lost)
Random Access Memory
static random access memory


    sta·tic ran·dom ac·cess me·mo·ry

    Türkische aussprache

    stätîk rändım äkses memıri


    /ˈstatək ˈrandəm ˈakˌses ˈmemərē/ /ˈstætɪk ˈrændəm ˈækˌsɛs ˈmɛmɜriː/

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