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{i} şaft dişi
eğri cetveli
(Mühendislik) freze oluklu kayar geçme yapma; iç ve dış dişlileri birbirine geçirmek suretiyle birleştirme
{i} tahta şerit
{i} şerit [met.]
freze oluklu geçme yapmak
spline fit
eğri uydurma
cubic spline
kübik spline
lemon spline
dairesel kamalı ekleme
Englisch - Englisch
A rectangular piece that fits grooves like key seats in a hub and a shaft, so that while the one may slide endwise on the other, both must revolve together
A flexible strip of metal or other material, that may be bent into a curve and used in a similar manner to a ruler to draw smooth curves between points
Any of a number of smooth curves used to join points
A Spline is a curved line (or Path) , the shape of which you can change by using one or more Control Points
A long, flexble piece of wood sometimes used as a ruler
A mathematical curve used to represent spatial variation smoothly
A thin piece of wood that fits in the mating grooves cut into two pieces of wood
A special polygon that creates non-linear curved lines Splines are non-rendering objects, but can be converted into ordinary polygons with the Spline to Poly tool When you need an object with curves in it, it is usually faster to create it with a spline
a thin strip of wood that fits into mortises or grooves machined into boards that are to be joined
Any of a series of projections on a shaft that fit into slots on a corresponding shaft
a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines
(n or v) A free-form curve that connects a series of control points with a smooth curve Changing a control point results in a change in the curve The term also describes the process of connecting points to create a curve B-spline and Bezier curves are examples of spline curves
a thin strip (wood or metal)
A strip of metal or fiber inserted in the kerfs of adjacent acoustical tile to form a concealed mechanical joint seal
A rectangular piece fitting grooves like key seats in a hub and a shaft, so that while the one may slide endwise on the other, both must revolve together; a feather; also, sometimes, a groove to receive such a rectangular piece
A sequence of curves, usually cubic polynomials, joined to ensure C(2) continuity This term is sometimes loosely applied to any set of cubic curves
Originally, a pliable strip used by draftsmen to draw curves In the context of approximation and interpolation theory, a spline is a mathematical function that interpolates or approximates a finite sequence of data values Cubic spline functions are the most commonly used
a polynomial curve or surface used to represent spatial variation smoothly
A ridge on a surface of a part, usually used to prevent an otherwise circular part from turning Commonly used on freewheels and cassettes where the sprockets attach Some frame tubing has internal ribs to reinforce the tube, these are sometimes also referred to as splines
A smooth, continuous function used to approximate a set of functions that are uniquely defined on a set of sub-intervals The approximating function and the set of functions being approximated intersect at a sufficient number of points to insure a high degree of accuracy in the approximation The purpose for the smooth function is to allow a robot manipulator to complete a task without jerky motion
a line in a draw format that can be controlled with anchor points to get any desired shape
A strip of material set in a groove to align and seal two logs at butt ends
In 3D modeling, a spline is the line connecting two vertices, in the model In Trainz, the term is extended to refer to an object, like a track, bridge, tunnel or road, that can be extended from point to point The term is sometimes also used to refer to one of the points of a spline object In the Surveyor module of Trainz, a spline point is identified by dashed circle, (which may or may not rotate, depending on the options you selected) If a spline object is started at the spline point of another spline object and then dragged out, the initial direction of the new spline object will be the same as that of the one it connects to As it is dragged out, the new spline object will curve to conform itself to the new direction 7 (Page 2) For more about splines, as described on this site, HERE -->
a thin, flat strip of wood inserted into the grooved
In computer graphics, a curve calculated by a mathematical function that connects separate points with a high degree of smoothness
A curved line segment See the section in the manual on splines The splines used in PfaEdit are all third order bezier splines
A technique used to interpolate a set of points with a smooth curve or surface, based in cubic polynomials that meet and match in slope and convexity at each point (see figure 4)
{i} slat; long and flexible strip of wood or metal used for drawing curves; any of a series of ridges on a shaft which fit into slots on a corresponding shaft
A particularly smooth class of approximating curves B-Splines are fully approximating: such a curve generally passes through its control points if several of them are in the same location B-Spline curves are converted to NURBS curves when imported into SOFTIMAGE|XSI
A very smooth curve controlled by three or more cv's The b-spline always intersects the first and last cv, but is usually only influenced by the others Image from Softimage
A cubic polynomial formulation with the potential for C(2) continuity, which provides a visually smooth curve, even though it does not generally pass through any of its control points
B-splines are a formulation (Barsky and Beatty, 1983) of B-spline curve segments Barsky introduced two new degrees of freedom- bias and tension- which cab be applied either uniformly to the whole curve or non-uniformly by varying their values along the curve
cubic spline
A finite sequence of cubic polynomials defined on non-overlaping domains and connected at knots
cubic spline
A curve fitted through, or close to, all the points on a graph It takes points in small groups, and fits a simple cubic equation to fit these, then moves on to the next group q v bestfit
A long thin piece of wood, masonite, or synthetic material that are used with or in place of foam gaskets or caulking to aid in sealing the logs together Splines are typically placed between the horizontal surfaces of the logs
A series of slots cut into a shaft and mating part
teeth in a gear
plural of spline
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