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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} eksen
eğirme makinesi
sığlık veya kayalıklan belirten fener direği
(fiil) boy atmak, uzamak; delmek, geçirmek (fiş)
(Mühendislik) fener mili
(isim) Eğirmen, kirmen, iğ; iğ mihveri, mil, dingil; sığlık veya kayalıklan belirten fener direği; takriben 13800 metrelik iplik uzunluk ölçüsü
{i} bir iplik uzunluk ölçüsü
(Tıp) İğ, iğ şeklinde (iğsi) cisim
(Tekstil) aks ( mil )
spindle tree iğağacı
boy atmak
{i} kromozomların bağlandığı lifler (hücre bölünmesi)
geçirmek spindle file puantir
{i} yoğunluk ölçer
takriben 13800 metrelik iplik uzunluk ölçüsü
iğ mihveri
{i} iğağacı
{i} asitmetre
spindle motor
iş mili motoru
spindle tree
spindle fibre
iğ lifi
spindle fiber
İğ iplikçiği: Hücre bölünmesi sırasında oluşan sitoplazmik fibriller. Anafazda kromatitlerin ayrılmalarında ve kutuplara çekilmesinde rol alırlar
spindle support
(Mühendislik) mil desteği
Spindle blade
(Tekstil) Iğ gövdesi
Spindle box
(Tekstil) Balon kutusu
Spindle cutter
(Tekstil) İğ bıçağı
Spindle drive
(Tekstil) İğ tahriği
Spindle drive motor
(Tekstil) İğ tahrik motoru
Spindle gauge
(Tekstil) Iğler arası mesafe
Spindle insert
(Tekstil) İğin yerine oturtulması
Spindle oil
(Tekstil) Iğ yağı
Spindle oiler
(Tekstil) Bakım aleti
Spindle rail
(Tekstil) İğ rayı
Spindle speed
(Tekstil) Iğ devri
Spindle speed during the first ring rail stroke
(Tekstil) İlk adımda iğ devri, Bilezik sehpasının ilk kurs hareketindeki iğ devri
spindle arm
pitman kolu
spindle arm
direksiyon kolu
spindle base
iğ alt kısmı
spindle bearing
iğ yatağı
spindle brake
iğ freni
spindle carrier
(Otomotiv) aks taşıyıcı
spindle gauge
(Tekstil) iğ aralığı
spindle grease
iğ gresi
spindle legged
çırpı bacaklı
spindle legged
leylek bacaklı
spindle legged
uzun bacaklı
spindle lock
mil düzeneğiyle kilitleme
spindle lock
milli kilit
spindle nut
(Otomotiv) aks somunu
spindle oil
dingil yağı
spindle oiler
iğ yağlama aleti
spindle upper part
iğ üst kısmı
spindle wharve
iğ kasnağı
spindle wheel
(Otomotiv) ön dingil
spindle whorl
(Tekstil) ağırşak
bearing spindle
yatak mili
brake spindle
eğleç mili
brake spindle
fren mili
clutch spindle
kavrama mili
diaphragm spindle
diyafram mili
ignition rotor spindle
ateşleme rotoru mili
shuttle spindle
mekik iği
muscle spindle
kas mil
çırpı gibi
valve spindle
supap mili, supap kolu
Ring spinning spindle
(Tekstil) Ring eğirme iği
bobbin winder spindle
(Tekstil) masura sarma mili
choke spindle
jikle kolu
cone point spindle
(Tekstil) sivri iğ dip yatağı
creel spindle
(Tekstil) askı mili
embroidery spindle
(Tekstil) nakış iği
float spindle
şamandıra mili
governor spindle
regülatör mili
hollow spindle
(Tekstil) oyuk iğ
hollow spindle drive
(Tekstil) oyuk iğ tahriği
open spindle bearing
(Tekstil) açık iğ yatağı
çöp gibi
çok zayıf ve uzun
{s} leylek gibi
throttle plate spindle
(Otomotiv) gaz kelebeği mili
throttle spindle
gaz kelebeği mili
throttle spindle kit
gaz kelebeği mili kiti
throttle valve spindle
(Otomotiv) gaz kelebeği mili
universal spindle
(Otomotiv) üniversal mil
universal spindle
(Otomotiv) üniversal aks
Englisch - Englisch
To make into a long tapered shape
An upright spike for holding paper documents by skewering
A worldwide tree of the genus Euonymus, originally used for making the spindles used for spinning wool
To impale on a device for holding paper documents

Do not fold, spindle or mutilate this document.

A rod which turns, or on which something turns
A rod used for spinning and then winding natural fibres (especially wool), usually consisting of a shaft and a circular whorl positioned at either the upper or lower end of the shaft when suspended vertically from the forming thread
{n} a pin to form thred on, axis, stalk
{v} to grow thin and tall, to shoot out
The long, round, slender rod or pin in spinning wheels by which the thread is twisted, and on which, when twisted, it is wound; also, the pin on which the bobbin is held in a spinning machine, or in the shuttle of a loom
a weighted shaft which imparts a twist to form a thread
mechanism inside a hard disk drive that moves the heads into place; the axle on which a disk turns
The rod connecting the disc to the lever on a valve (055)
The drive's center shaft, on which the hard disk platters are mounted
any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts
To shoot or grow into a long, slender stalk or body; to become disproportionately tall and slender
(biology) tiny fibers that are seen in cell division; the fibers radiate from two poles and meet at the equator in the middle; "chromosomes are distributed by spindles in mitosis and meiosis"
The threaded arbor on a shaper that holds the cutters
a stick or pin used to twist the yarn in spinning any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts (biology) tiny fibers that are seen in cell division; the fibers radiate from two poles and meet at the equator in the middle; "chromosomes are distributed by spindles in mitosis and meiosis
a stick or pin used to twist the yarn in spinning
The fusee of a watch
Any marine univalve shell of the genus Rostellaria; called also spindle stromb
One part of a hard disk, around which the platters rotate
A slender turned and shaped column, which often swells out in the lower half and is usually used in rows such as the back of a Windsor chair
A network of fibrous microtubules and associated molecules formed during mitosis between the opposite poles (centromeres) of eukaryotic cells It mediates the movement of the duplicated chromosomes to opposite poles
A spindle is a pointed rod which you use when you are spinning wool by hand. You twist the wool with the spindle to make it into a thread
a distaff, the rod used for spinning and then winding natural fibres, especially wool
The vertical rod on which the runner of a grinding mill turns
A solid generated by the revolution of a curved line about its base or double ordinate or chord
- a spike-shaped piece of metal used for forming the cone-shaped combustion chamber inside of a rocket The increased surface area provides maximum thrust
(Otomotiv) The small shaft located at each front wheel on which the front wheels revolve in rear-wheel-drive cars
A thin round rod, possibly turned or tapered at both end, used to support railings
Stationary shaft used to support rotating wheel assembly on non-driving wheels
The part of the vehicle's suspension/steering system that the hub/wheel bearing assembly rides on Spindles are typically found on rear wheel and 4WD systems
A thin turned member, often tapered or molded Used in chair backs, grilles, etc
A turned center body or arm on a fixture
{i} small rod with tapered ends around which thread is twisted while spinning; rotating machine part or axis; cellular axis around which chromosomes are distributed during meiosis; rod of turned wood
a shaftlike part that holds the piece to be turned on a lathe or the tool on a mill
The metal rod that runs through a mortise or tubular latch, with a door knob or lever on each end When the knob or lever is turned, it activates the latch, which opens or closes the door
Axle for mounting a disk or reel of magnetic tape
The shaft, mandrel, or arbor, in a machine tool, as a lathe or drilling machine, etc
A shaft or pipe on which a core of sand is formed
A long and slender stalk resembling a spindle
Any marine gastropod of the genus Fusus
The driven rotating member of a brake lathe The arbors and attachments are installed into the end of the spindle
Mechanical means of coupling a disc to a rotating device
which causes the work to revolve, or carries a tool or center, etc
Stationary shaft used to support rotating wheel assembly on nondriving wheels
The high precision shaft that rotates within the quill and is the attachment point for the tooling
A yarn measure containing, in cotton yarn, 15,120 yards; in linen yarn, 14,400 yards
The part of the door handle usually of square section which passes through the top hole follower in a mortice door lock to operate the springbolt
The drive shaft that connects the knob or lever to the latch or lock mechanism to operate the bolt
A spindle is a rod in a machine, around which another part of the machine turns
A slender rod or pin on which anything turns; an axis; as, the spindle of a vane
PH, FX: double leg circle or flair-circle with ½ turn of the body in the opposite direction of the leg circle(s)
spindle cell
(Tıp, İlaç) A spindle-shaped cell characteristic of certain tumors
spindle and whorl
or drop spindle Earliest device for spinning fibres into thread or yarn. The spinster lets the spindle fall to draw out the fibres while the whorl keeps it rotating to apply the necessary twist. The spindle and whorl was replaced by the spinning wheel
spindle fiber
One of a network of achromatic filaments that extend inward from the poles of a dividing cell, forming a spindle-shaped figure
spindle tree
any shrubby trees or woody vines of the genus Euonymus having showy usually reddish berries
spindle tree
evergreen tree or shrub with small flowers and red berries (in the past spindles were made from its hard wood)
having long slender legs
having skinny legs
mitotic spindle
a structure of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton involved in mitosis and meiosis
A spindle
common spindle tree
small erect deciduous shrub having tough white wood and cathartic bark and fruit
muscle spindle
A stretch receptor in vertebrate muscle
past of spindle
The balusters or turned, carved or otherwise vertical sections placed between the handrail and the stair tread or stair stringer
the section of railing that runs perpendicular to the top and bottom railings Typically a 28" x 3" diameter log that is notched into the top and bottom rails These are set per your local codes
A vertical piece of often turned wood that is installed on a tread (Step) to help support the railing; there are usually 2-3 per tread
plural of spindle
The 'axles' of the front wheels They are connected to the steering column through the tie rods The front wheels are mounted on the spindles The spindles themselves are mounted to the frame via the kingpin The part of the spindles to which the tie rods are connected is called the spindle arm or pitman arm
Long and slender, or disproportionately tall and slender; as, a spindling tree; a spindling boy
present participle of spindle
winged spindle tree
bushy deciduous shrub with branches having thin wide corky longitudinal wings; brilliant red in autumn; northeastern Asia to central China