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An establishment where one can rent sunbeds
A room, with many windows, exposed to the sun
A room with sunbeds in it
Any one of several species of handsome marine spiral shells of the genus Solarium and allied genera
An apartment freely exposed to the sun; anciently, an apartment or inclosure on the roof of a house; in modern times, an apartment in a hospital, used as a resort for convalescents
Called also perspective shell
A room designed to maximize the amount of sunlight entering a house Walls and sometimes the roof are constructed of glass panels
A solarium is a place equipped with special lamps, where you can go to get an artificial suntan
A glass-enclosed porch or room, often used to display flowers and other plants; also called a sunroom or garden room
{i} glassed-in room or porch exposed to the sun's rays (especially one used by convalescents)
The shell is conical, and usually has a large, deep umbilicus exposing the upper whorls
a room enclosed largely with glass and affording exposure to the sun
plural of solarium
plural of solarium