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systems network architecture (sna
Sistem Ağ Mimarisi
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SNA stands for Systems Network Architecture, and is a set of network protocols developed by IBM Originally designed in 1974 for IBM's mainframe computers, SNA has evolved over the years so that it now also supports peer-to-peer networks of workstations
Systems Network Architecture A description of the logical structure and protocols that transmit information and control the operation on an IBM network
System Network Architecture
A computer network architecture that establishes the most efficient path between network nodes and routes each message with addressing information contained in the protocol SNA uses the SDLC protocol The only way that asynchronous devices can access SNA is through protocol converters
IBM's layered communications protocol for sending data between IBM hardware and software Shortly to celebrate its Pearl anniversary (it was first announced way back in September 1974), it is defined today in terms of a stack of seven layers While there is some commonalty between the layers of OSI and SNA, it is difficult to make a direct mapping SNA has traditionally been a hierarchical network architecture for homogeneous networking between IBM systems, but in the 'new' SNA IBM has added increasing support for peer to peer networking through the development of Advanced Peer to Peer Communications SNA is managed through the NetView network management system
Networking protocols and techniques defined for connecting IBM equipment including mainframes and terminals
Systems Network Architecture, IBM technology for local and wide area networks
See: Systems Network Architecture [RFC 1983]
Systems Network Architecture IBM's layered protocols for mainframe communications
System Network Architecture A proprietary networking protocol developed by IBM to allow numerous IBM terminals and printers to be networked to IBM mainframe computers
Systems Network Architecture An architecture, including specifications for the logical structure, formats, protocols and operational sequences for transmitting informtion through, and controlling the configuration and operations of networks
Systems Network Architecture IBM's communications architecture and strategy
Systems Network Architecture is a proprietary IBM architecture for network computing within an enterprise With the advent of multi-enterprise network computing, the Internet, and TCP/IP, IBM is finding ways to combine its own SNA within the enterprise with TCP/IP for applications in the larger network
Data communications formats and protocols established by IBM to exchange information among software and machines
IBM's global hierarchical network architecture
Systems Network Architecture IBM's vendor specific connection-oriented, virtual circuit network architecture for terminal/host communication
System network architecture is a synchronous communications protocol designed by IBM that provides an interface between components in a computer network
An acronym for System Network Architecture which is a broadly used communications protocol developed by IBM to define the hardware and the physical layer components and to establish standards for network computing within an enterprise
IBM's System Network Architecture
IBM (Systems Network Architecture) - IBM's mainframe network Still plenty important in big systems
System of national accounts
Systems Network Architecture A network developed by IBM to interconnect IBM's family of computers
Systems Network Architecture
A communications protocol describing a terminal-to-mainframe type connection
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