small town

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Englisch - Türkisch
küçük kasaba

Birçok küçük kasabaların ana yolları büyük ölçüde Wal-Mart gibi büyük devlerin sayesinde neredeyse bırakılmaktadırlar. - The main streets of many small towns have been all but abandoned thanks, in large part, to behemoths like Wal-Mart.

Yakınlardaki küçük bir kasabada yaşıyordu. - He lived in a small town nearby.

Englisch - Englisch
small town in BRIT, also use smalltown Small town is used when referring to small places, usually in the United States, where people are friendly, honest, and polite, or to the people there. Small town is also sometimes used to suggest that someone has old-fashioned ideas. an idealized small-town America of neat, middle-class homes
tiny village; concerning a small town or village
A small town
A small town
tank town
A small town
small town


    small Town

    Türkische aussprache

    smôl taun


    /ˈsmôl ˈtoun/ /ˈsmɔːl ˈtaʊn/


    ... I grew up in small town India in the ...
    ... OK, and so in every small town in America, ...

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