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A moveable control surface at the leading edge of a wing that when moved, changes the chord line of the airfoil, affecting the angle of attack. Employed in conjunction with flaps to allow for a lower stall speed in the landing attitude, facilitating slow flight
A thin, narrow strip or bar of wood or metal

slats of a window blind.

To construct or provide with slats
{n} a thin piece of timber connecting larger ones
To slap; to strike; to beat; to throw down violently
An aerodynamic device mounted on or just forward of the ram wing to create a slot effect
close the slats of (windows)
To set on; to incite
Slats are narrow pieces of wood, metal, or plastic, usually with spaces between them, that are part of things such as Venetian blinds or cupboard doors. a thin flat piece of wood, plastic etc, used especially in furniture (esclat; SLATE)
A thin, narrow strip or bar of wood or metal; as, the slats of a window blind
a thin strip (wood or metal)
equip or bar with slats; "Slat the windows"
The active element in the TOFp Tray There are 41 of these, and each is Bicron BC420 plastic scintillator with diamond milled edges and dimensions 1 5" x 2cm x 20cm
See 3d Slate
State & Local Advisory Team   Appointed by the SEC to advise them on managing cooperative efforts at the state and local levels   Composed of representatives from various agencies as well as a parent representative and a CSA coordinator
{i} thin strip of wood or metal; blow, stroke (rare)
A narrow strip of metal or wood
a fixed or adjustable aerodynamic device mounted integrally with or immediately forward of the ram wing to create a "slot" effect along the leading edge; may be a canard
Section of the leading edge that moves forward, creating a gap between it and the wing, used to increase lift at low speeds
To construct or provide with at least one slat
a thin strip (wood or metal) close the slats of (windows) equip or bar with slats; "Slat the windows
{f} equip with slats, make with slats; hurl forcefully, dash (rare); beat, strike, slap (rare)
1) A crosspiece supported on a bedframe's side rails to carry the mattress 2) A horizontal crossbar in a chair back which braces the uprights and supports the sitter's back
To split; to crack
Simple past tense and past participle of slat
{i} (Slang) ribs
An "auxiliary wing" along the top of a wing's leading edge Puffed open by extra lift exerted on it, creating a slot (narrow gap between the slat and wing) what prevents a stall by guiding the air over the wing
Also referred to as vanes and louvres Slats are the horizontal members of a venetian blind
plural of slat
Individual components or fillets held together by wire to form a parquet flooring square or tile Also, individual pieces forming the backs of PATTERN PLUS® 2-ply units
A common shape of adhesive
Present participle and simple past of slat
Of or pertaining to a slat; having slats
{s} equipped with slats, made with slats
Something that is slatted is made with slats. slatted window blinds

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    /ˈslat/ /ˈslæt/


    [ 'slat ] (transitive verb.) 1611. probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse sletta to slap, throw.

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