shout down

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To shout louder than (someone) in order to force through one's argument or point of view

He had shouted down at least one judge in the Mairie de Luxembourg after a dozen cigars had failed to bring about his ends.

If people shout down someone who is trying to speak, they prevent that person from being heard by shouting at them. They shouted him down when he tried to explain why Zaire needed an interim government There were scuffles when UDF hecklers began to shout down the speakers
silence a speech by yelling louder
silence or overwhelm by shouting
shout down


    shout Down

    Türkische aussprache

    şaut daun


    /ˈsʜout ˈdoun/ /ˈʃaʊt ˈdaʊn/


    [ 'shaut ] (verb.) 14th century. Middle English.

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