ship out

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Englisch - Türkisch
yola çıkmak
gemiyle gitmek
Shape up or ship out
Ya bu deveyi gütmeli, ya bu diyardan gitmeli
fit out a ship
(Askeri) gemi donatmak
Englisch - Englisch
To leave, get out, or resign

With a bit of luck the guard room will be empty, we'll grab some coats, press some buttons and just ship out of here.

To get rid of, expel, or discard

As he stamps his own character on the team, Kosmina has shipped out the likes of Mark Rudan, Ufuk Talay, David Zdrilic, Ruben Zadkovich and Patrick da Silva.

To depart, especially for a sea voyage or military assignment

The brigade is scheduled to ship out for final training in Okinawa by mid-November.

To send, especially by means of a transport vehicle

The winery recently shipped out the first orders of wine under the Falcon Crest label.

If someone ships out, they leave a place, especially by ship. Sailors hung about while they waited to ship out
depart in a ship (especially from one's native country); send someone on a ship (from his native country); quit, be fired (slang)
shape up or ship out
To either improve one's behavior or else be required to leave; to either improve one's performance in an activity or else withdraw from that activity completely

Portions of those letters quoted by Bruccoli indicate that though Hemingway could be sympathetic, he used a lot of ink telling Fitzgerald to shape up or ship out.

ship out