set piece

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Englisch - Englisch
a piece of freestanding stage scenery
an elaborate action scene in a movie or video game
any planned strategy that a team uses after play is restarted with a free kick, penalty kick, corner kick, goal kick, throw-in or kickoff

Roberto Carlos is deadly from set pieces.

any carefully planned sequence of operations, especially as part of a military operation
(British English) a move such as a free kick or a corner in a game of football, hockey etc
part of a play, piece of music, painting etc that follows a well-known formal pattern or style, and is often very impressive: The trial scene is a classic set piece
(Film) In film production, a setpiece is a scene or sequence of scenes the execution of which requires serious logistical planning and considerable expenditure of money. The term setpiece is often used more broadly to describe any important dramatic or comedic highpoint in a film or story, particularly those that provide some kind of dramatic payoff, resolution, or transition. Thus the term is often used to describe any scenes that are so essential to a film that they cannot be edited out or skipped in the shooting schedule without seriously damaging the integrity of the finished product
Any large piece of furniture which actors will resolutely use as a safety shield between themselves and the audience, in an apparent attempt to both anchor themselves to the floor, thereby avoiding floating off into space, and to keep the audience from seeing that they actually have legs Definitions From Our Visitors
a piece of scenery intended to stand alone as part of the stage setting
- a large number of lances mounted on a frame in a pattern (shapes, letters) and fused together for instantaneous ignition
A deadball situation such as a free kick, corner kick, throw-in, or goal kick
A set piece is an occasion such as a battle or a move in a game of football that is planned and carried out in an ordered way. Guerrillas avoid fighting set-piece battles
A piece of scenery which stands alone
A set piece is a part of a film, novel, or piece of music which has a strong dramatic effect and which is often not an essential part of the main story. the film's martial arts set pieces
set pieces
plural form of set piece
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set piece