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ayrıklıkçı türküm üyesi
(isim) ayrılıkçı, ayrılık yanlısı, hizipçi, kiliseden ayrılma taraftarı (İng.)
{i} ayrılıkçı

Ayrılıkçılar havaalanını işgal etmeye başladılar. - The separatists began to occupy the airport.

Ayrılıkçı hareket ülke içinde çatışma yaratıyor. - The separatist movement is creating conflict within the country.

{i} kiliseden ayrılma taraftarı (İng.)
{i} ayrılık yanlısı
{i} hizipçi
(Hukuk) bölücü
Englisch - Englisch
Advocating or seeking the separation of one country or territory into two politically independent countries or territories

He is a Scottish nationalist and has a large collection of separatist literature.

Advocating ecclesiastical separation
A person who advocates or seeks the splitting of one country or territory into two politically independent countries or territories

On rare occasions French-Canadian separatists have resorted to violence.

Someone who advocates separation from the established Church; a member of any of various sects or schismatics
a seceder
{n} a schismatic, dissenter, seceder
having separated or advocating separation from another entity or policy or attitude; "a breakaway faction"
Separatist organizations and activities within a country involve members of a group of people who want to establish their own separate government or are trying to do so. the Basque separatist movement
{i} one who supports separation, one who supports secession or segregation
Separatists are people who want their own separate government or are involved in separatist activities. The army has come under attack by separatists. someone who belongs to a group that wants to start a new country with its own government, by separating from the country that they belong to now
One who withdraws or separates himself; especially, one who withdraws from a church to which he has belonged; a seceder from an established church; a dissenter; a nonconformist; a schismatic; a sectary
an advocate of secession or separation from a larger group (such as an established church or a national union)
plural of separatist
English believers following the Reformation who became dissatisfied with the doctrines and practices of the established Church (Anglican) They included the Puritans, Baptists, and other congregational groups
Englishmen like the Pilgrims who believed that the Church of England was so corrupt that it could not be reformed
Protestant congregations that separated from the Church of England, the Presbyterians, and even from the Independent forms of church organization
white separatist
someone who advocates a society in which white people live separately from members of other races
white separatist
One who advocates the creation of a society in which whites live separately from other races or from which nonwhite races are excluded.white separatism n



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    /ˈsepərətəst/ /ˈsɛpɜrətɪst/


    [ 'se-p(&-)r&-tist, 'se- ] (noun.) 1608. From separate +‎ -ist.

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