self righteous

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Englisch - Englisch
being overly confident that one acts properly (especially in comparison with others); overly virtuous
piously self-assured and smugly moralistic
disapproval If you describe someone as self-righteous, you disapprove of them because they are convinced that they are right in their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour and that other people are wrong. He is critical of the monks, whom he considers narrow-minded and self-righteous. + self-righteousness self-righteousness her smug self-righteousness. proudly sure that your beliefs, attitudes, and morals are good and right, in a way that annoys other people - used to show disapproval
excessively or hypocritically pious; "a sickening sanctimonious smile"
Righteous in one's own esteem; pharisaic
self righteous


    self right·eous

    Türkische aussprache

    self rayçıs


    /ˈself ˈrīʧəs/ /ˈsɛlf ˈraɪʧəs/


    [ 'self, Southern also 's ] (pronoun.) before 12th century. Middle English , from Old English; akin to Old High German selb, intensive pronoun, and probably to Latin suus one's own; more at SUICIDE.

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