second fiddle

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A fiddle part in harmony to the first fiddle

The second fiddle on that tune is almost as hard as the first fiddle.

A sidekick or subordinate, or the role of such a person

I'm tired of playing second fiddle to you.

The person playing second fiddle

I've been second fiddle in that band for ten years now.

accompaniment, secondary musical instrument; intermediary, minor, marginal, junior, vice
a secondary role or function; "he hated to play second fiddle to anyone"
someone who serves in a subordinate capacity or plays a secondary role
play second fiddle
To play a subsidiary or subordinate role to someone or something else

I think the VP got tired of playing second fiddle to the president, so if she's not promoted soon, she might leave.

second fiddles
plural form of second fiddle
play second fiddle
fill a secondary role, do a job of minor importance
second fiddle