scot free

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Englisch - Englisch
exempt from payment and penalty
free from harm or penalty; "he went scot-free"
free from harm or penalty; "he went scot-free
Without consequences or penalties

to get off scot-free (to get away without penalty; to beat the rap).

Free of scot, free of tax
get out scot-free
Go unpunished; to be acquitted of a crime. (This scot is an old word meaning "tax" or "tax burden.")
{a} excused from paying, free, clear, safe
go scot-free
released without punishment; escape unharmed
emphasis If you say that someone got away scot-free, you are emphasizing that they escaped punishment for something that you believe they should have been punished for. Others who were guilty were being allowed to get off scot-free. get away/off scot-free to avoid being punished although you deserve to be (scot (13-19 centuries), from skot )
Free from payment of scot; untaxed; hence, unhurt; clear; safe
alternative spelling of scot-free
scot free

    Türkische aussprache

    skät fri


    /ˈskät ˈfrē/ /ˈskɑːt ˈfriː/


    [ 'skät ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English, from Old Norse skot shot, contribution; more at SHOT.

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