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(Biyokimya) doymuşluk
(Aydınlatma) renksel doymuşluk
(Aydınlatma) bağıl doymuşluk
işba noktası
(Fotoğrafçılık) renk doygunluğu
içine alma
(İnşaat) renk yoğunluğu
(Tıp) İşba, mesamatı iyice doldurma veya dolma
{i} koyuluk
(Biyoloji) satürasyon
{i} doyurma
{i} canlılık (renk)
(Teknik,Ticaret) doyum noktası
saturation diving
satürasyon dalışı
saturation pressure
doyma basıncı
saturation temperature
doyma sıcaklığı
saturation current
doyum akımı
saturation point
doyma çekidi
saturation deficit
doyma açığı
saturation scale
doyma skalası
saturation state
doygunluk devlet
saturation tank
karbonatlama kazanı
saturation voltage
doyma gerilimi
saturation activity
(Nükleer Bilimler) doyma aktivitesi,doymuş etkinlik
saturation bombing
(Askeri) işba bombardımanı
saturation bombing
(Askeri) doyurma bombardımanı
saturation bombing
(Askeri) İÇİRME BOMBARDIMANI, İŞBA BOMBARDIMANI: Tamamıyla yok edilmesi istenen sınırlı bir bölgeye karşı azami şiddet ve yoğunlukta tevcih edilen bir bombardıman şekli
saturation bombing
yoğun top ateşine tutma
saturation bombing
(Askeri) içirme bombardımanı
saturation collapse
doygunluk çökmesi
saturation collapse
doygunluktan dolayı çökme
saturation current
doyma akımı
saturation curve
doygunluk eğrisi (proktor)
saturation curve
doygunluk eğrisi
saturation curve
(Nükleer Bilimler) doyma eğrisi
saturation degree
doygunluk derecesi
saturation humidity
doygunluk nemi
saturation level
(Nükleer Bilimler) doyum seviyesi, doygunluk seviyesi
saturation line
doygunluk sınırı
saturation line
doyma hattı
saturation line
doyma çizgisi
saturation line
doymuş sıvı eğrisi
saturation line
doygunluk çizgisi
saturation percentage
doyma yüzdesi
saturation percentage
doyma derecesi
saturation poin
(Tekstil) doyma noktası
saturation point
doyma noktası
saturation state
doygunluk halinde
saturation testing
hacim sinamasi
saturation value
(Tekstil) doyma değeri
saturation vapor pressure
(Meteoroloji) doymuş buhar basıncı
saturation voltage
(Nükleer Bilimler) doyma voltajı
anode saturation
anot doyması
capillary saturation
kılcal doygunluk
colour saturation
renk doyması
degree of saturation
doyma derecesi
magnetic saturation
manyetik doyma
adiabatic saturation
Dışarıyla işi alış verisi olmaksızın suyu hava içerisine buharlaştırma. Hava ve suyun duyulur ısısı, havaya karışan buharın gizli ısısı haline gelir ve sıcaklıklar düşerek eşitlenir
final saturation
son karbonatlama
plate saturation
anot doyması
voltage saturation
gerilim doyması
capillary saturation
kapiler doygunluk
fiber saturation value
(Tekstil) lif doyma sayısı
fraction of saturation
bağıl nem
line of saturation
doyma hattı
magnetic saturation
(Nükleer Bilimler) magnetik doygunluk,magnetik doyum
oxygen saturation value
oksijen doyum değeri
percent saturation
(Biyokimya) doygunluk yüzdesi
semantic saturation
(Dilbilim) anlamsal yoğunlaşma
super saturation
(Gıda) aşırı doygunlaşma
zone of saturation
doygunluk zonu
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Definition von saturation im Türkisch Türkisch wörterbuch

(Osmanlı Dönemi) (C.: Sevâtir) Satır, büyük bıçak
Englisch - Englisch
the state of an organic compound that has no double or triple bonds
intense bombing of a military target with the aim of destroying it
an effect on the sound of an electric guitar, used primarily in heavy metal music
the intensity or vividness of a colour
the state of the atmosphere when it is saturated with water vapour; 100% humidity
the act of saturating or the process of being saturated
the condition in which, after a sufficient increase in a causal force, no further increase in the resultant effect is possible; e.g. the state of a ferromagnetic material that cannot be further magnetized
the state of a saturated solution
the flooding of a market with all of a product that can be sold
{n} a state of being filled or supplied
The condition when the atmosphere is holding the maximum amount of water vapor that it can for a given temperature When the air is saturated, the temperature will equal the dew point temperature
Saturation is the process or state that occurs when a place or thing is filled completely with people or things, so that no more can be added. Reforms have led to the saturation of the market with goods Road traffic has reached saturation point
- How rich the colors are in a photo
The amount of gray in a color More gray in a color means lower saturation; less gray in a color means higher saturation
The purity of a color, independent of its hue and brightness The more gray a color contains, the lower its saturation is
1) In a communications system, the condition in which a component of the system has reached its maximum traffic handling capacity 2) The point at which the output of a linear device, such as a linear amplifier, deviates significantly from being a linear function of the input when the input signal is increased 3) The degree of the chroma or purity of a color
the act of soaking thoroughly with a liquid
A parameter that may be used with hue and intensity to describe the physical perception of color Saturation is a measure of the (perceived) narrowness of the color spectrum, or the difference of the hue from a gray of the same intensity Neutral gray---or a "white" spectrum---is termed 0% saturated, and a monochromatic spectrum is termed 100% saturated See also chromaticity, CMYK, RGB
A measure of the purity of a color, determined by the amount of gray it contains The higher the gray level, the lower the saturation
One of the three attributes of color, which indicates the purity of a color The more gray a color contains, the less saturated it is We often distinguish the purity of a color by describing it as stronger or weaker
a condition in which a quantity no longer responds to some external influence
(n) A perceptual color quality indicating the ratio of the primary spectral wavelength (the hue) to all the wavelengths in the color A high saturation color has a vivid hue, whereas a low saturation color approaches gray in appearance
{i} act of soaking, act of filling to capacity; state of being soaked, state of being filled to capacity; purity of tint, percentage of white in a given color
The degree of hue in a color, or a color's strength A neutral gray is considered to have zero saturation
Related to chromaticity, saturation tells us how a color looks under certain lighting conditions For instance, a room painted a solid color will appear different at night than in daylight Over the course of the day, although the color is the same, the saturation changes This property of color can also be called intensity Be careful not to think about SATURATION in terms of light and dark but rather in terms of pale or weak and pure or strong
chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vividness of hue
Freedom from mixture or dilution with white; purity; said of colors
Amount of color in the television picture
A measure of purity of color Saturated colors contain pure color only, colors desaturate to gray Saturation is a measure of the degree of pureness or movement away from gray
A perceptual term referring to the colorimetry quantity 'excitation purity' of a color Hue can be used together with saturation and luminance to define a HSL color space
The strength or darkness of a colour filter - a saturated colour filter is one which is as deep a colour as is possible without critically affecting the resultant light
One part of the description of color, it qualitatively corresponds to the purity of color: the lack of mixed black or white
The point where no more can be absorbed, dissolved or retained, such as fabric that has been infused thoroughly with water or dye Also indicates the purity of a hue The higher the saturation, the purer the hue (not including any additional colors )
the act of soaking thoroughly with a liquid chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vividness of hue a condition in which a quantity no longer responds to some external influence
An attribute of perceived color, or the percentage of hue in a color Saturated colors are called vivid, strong, or deep Desaturated colors are called dull, weak, or washed out
Saturation is used to describe a campaign or other activity that is carried out very thoroughly, so that nothing is missed. Newspapers, television and radio are all providing saturation coverage. State of an organic compound in which all its carbon atoms are linked by single covalent bonds. Saturation also means the state of a solution or vapour (see vaporization) in which it has the highest possible concentration of the dissolved or vaporized material at a given pressure and temperature. Though it is sometimes possible to bring about supersaturation (a concentration exceeding the equilibrium value), such solutions or vapours are unstable and spontaneously revert to the saturated state, accompanied by the transformation of the excess material to the solid or liquid form (precipitation). See also fatty acid; hydrogenation
the process of totally saturating something with a substance; "the impregnation of wood with preservative"; "the saturation of cotton with ether"
The color intensity of an image An image high in saturation will appear to be very bright An image low in saturation will appear to be duller and more neutral An image without any saturation is also referred to as a grayscale image
The saturation moisture content of the soil matrix such that the entire soil porosity is water filled, (%v), and dependant only on the soil texture and unaffected by salinity or gravel
Saturation, also called chroma, is the amount of colour in the colour It represents the amount of grey in proportion to the hue When mixing paints, the saturation will always decrease, becoming greyer or browner as more colours are added Putting white or black with a colour will obviously make it more grey and therefore less saturated In this example a highly saturated blue on the left becomes less saturated on the right
The degree to which a color is undiluted by white light If a color is 100 percent saturated, it contains no white light If a color has no saturation, it is a shade of gray
The purity of a color's hue, moving from gray to the pure color A high saturation corresponds to a strong color Hue and luminance also affect the appearance of a color, in the HLS color model
The act of saturating, or the state of being saturating; complete penetration or impregnation
Also known as color purity or the amount of color density, the degree to which a color is diluted by luminance, or white light
The degree of hue in a color, or a color's strength A neutral gray has zero saturation, while a saturated red would have a color similar to apple red
The act, process, or result of saturating a substance, or of combining it to its fullest extent
saturation current
the maximum current that can be obtained in a specific circuit under specified conditions
saturation point
the point in time at which saturation is reached
saturation temperature
The boiling point of a liquid
saturation vapor pressure
The vapor pressure at which the gaseous phase of a substance can coexist with the liquid or solid phase in equilibrium at a given temperature
saturation vapor pressures
plural form of saturation vapor pressure
saturation vapour pressure
Alternative spelling of saturation vapor pressure
saturation point
point whereby one cannot dissolve any more solvent into the solution; satiety, satisfaction
saturation point
(chemistry) the stage at which a substance will receive no more of another substance in solution or in a vapor
saturation speech
propaganda speech, campaign speech
saturation state
state of abundance
Hue Saturation Intensity
method of displaying colors according to their hue saturation and intensity, HSI color display
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Definition von saturation im Türkisch Englisch wörterbuch