saçak altı

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In Ancient Greece, a walkway with a roof supported by colonnades, often with a wall on one side; a portico
Abbreviation for Solution Heat Treated and Over aged A thermal processing procedure designed to effect the crystalline structure by causing one or more structural elements to enter into solid solution and thereafter hold (by quenching) these elements in solution After quenching it is aged above the standard aging temperature The process is designed to create more attractive properties in a metal product
A roofed colonnade, generally found in ancient Greek open markets, to provide space for shops and shelter
The long and narrow ancient Greek structure that was used for offices and shops at the agora The enclosed space was only one office in depth, but the entire front of the building provided a wide covered porch for merchants or a convenient place to get out of the rain Stoas were most often two stories in height
In Greek architecture, a freestanding colonnade or covered walkway; also, a long open building with its roof supported by one or more rows of columns parallel to its rear wall. Stoas lined marketplaces and sanctuaries and formed places of business and public promenades. Rooms might back onto the colonnade, and a second story was sometimes added. The Stoa of Attalus in Athens (2nd century BC), a large, elaborate, two-story building with a row of shops at the rear, was a prime example
   a covered walkway or portico
saçak altı