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Englisch - Türkisch
(Tıp) (a) Plazma
(Tıp) Hücre protoplazmanın yapışkan ve canlı maddesi

Tom Kara Cuma'da bir plazma TV satın aldı. - Tom bought a plasma TV on Black Friday.

Plazma televizyonlar çok pahalıydılar ama şimdi çok daha ucuzlar. - Plasma TVs used to be very expensive, but now they're much cheaper.

yeşil çakmaktaşı
(Tıp) kanın içinde fibrin bulunan sıvı kısmı
germ plasm
irsiyet plasması
germ plasm
Üreme hücreleri, gametler
germ plasm
irsiyet plasmasi
Englisch - Englisch
A mold or matrix in which anything is cast or formed to a particular shape
{n} a mold for metals
conj. plasma (used in combination)
Same as Plasma
Variant of plasmo-
germ plasm
The cytoplasm of germ cells
Alternative spelling of germ plasm
germ plasm
the protoplasm of the germ cells that contains chromosomes and genes
germ plasm
See Plasmogen, and Idioplasm
germ-plasm theory
Concept of the physical basis of heredity expressed by the biologist August Weismann (1834-1914). It claimed that germ plasm, which Weismann believed to be independent from all other cells of the body, was the essential element of germ cells (eggs and sperm) and was the hereditary material passed from generation to generation. First proposed in 1883, his view contradicted Lamarck's then-prevalent theory of acquired characteristics. Though its details have been altered, its idea of the stability of hereditary material is the basis of the modern understanding of physical inheritance