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Türkisch - Türkisch
Kır ve doğa andırışlı, yansıtıcı
Englisch - Englisch
unfinished or roughly finished work
A person from a rural area

Thus this ignorant, unsophisticated but resolute agriculturist captured me. So early in 1917, we left Calcutta for Champaran, looking just like fellow rustics.

crude, rough

rustic country where the sheep and cattle roamed freely.

country-styled or pastoral; rural
characteristic of dwelling in the country
{n} a clown
{a} rural, clownish, plain
A rural person having a natural simplicity of character or manners; an artless, unaffected person
Simple style typical of country life
Copybook used for writing latin scripts during the third through sixth centuries, common era
Describes wines made by old-fashioned methods or tasting like wines made in an earlier era Can be a positive quality in distinctive wines that require ageing Can also be a negative quality when used to describe a young, earthy wine that should be fresh and fruity
Coarse; plain; simple; as, a rustic entertainment; rustic dress
{i} peasant, simple country person, hick
characteristic of rural life; "countrified clothes"; "rustic awkwardness"
(rusticano): the least intensified practice; coffee shrubs are planted in the existing forest with little alteration of native vegetation; also the least expensive practice, typically used by small family-owned farms that produce a modest crop of coffee This is an increasingly rare practice and usually does involve some thinning of the canopy
An inhabitant of the country, especially one who is rude, coarse, or dull; a clown
Of or pertaining to the country; rural; as, the rustic gods of antiquity
used of idealized country life; "a country life of arcadian contentment"; "a pleasant bucolic scene"; "charming in its pastoral setting"; "rustic tranquility"
Describes wines made by old-fashioned methods Less refined and elegant
Rude; awkward; rough; unpolished; as, rustic manners
characteristic of the fields or country; "agrestic simplicity"; "rustic stone walls"
awkwardly simple and provincial; "bumpkinly country boys"; "rustic farmers"; "a hick town"; "the nightlife of Montmartre awed the unsophisticated tourists"
Synonym for "rough"
an unsophisticated country person
{s} rural, of a country area; unsophisticated, unrefined; provincial, characteristic of a rural area
Simple; artless; unadorned; unaffected
approval You can use rustic to describe things or people that you approve of because they are simple or unsophisticated in a way that is typical of the countryside. the rustic charm of a country lifestyle. someone from the country, especially a farm worker
having a cemented spodic horizon which has enough amorphous iron to turn redder on ignition, which underlies an albic horizon, and lacks a subhorizon of the spodic horizon which is 2 5 cm or more thick and which is continuously cemented by a combination of organic matter and aluminium, with or without iron ("thin iron pan") (in Podzols only)
{n} in building, is where the face of the stones is picked with and instrument
rustic style
small town manner, style of a village
a rustic
{a} rude, unmannerly, boisterous, savage try
{a} rudely, inelegantly
{n} a rural appearance, clownishness
In a rustic manner
in an unsophisticated manner, in an uncultured manner; in a manner characteristic of a rural area, provincially
Resembling rustic work
past of rusticate
See Rustic work (a), under Rustic
The quality or state of being rustic; rustic manners; rudeness; simplicity; artlessness
approval You can refer to the simple, peaceful character of life in the countryside as rusticity. It pleases me to think of young Tyndale growing up here in deep rusticity
{i} quality of being rustic, ruralness; rural character, simplicity, unsophisticated character
That which makes something rustic
the quality of being rustic or gauche
plural of rustic