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A legislative bill or act that transfers powers of appointment from the usual holders to a chief executive or a board of officials
Software that extracts content from files or storage media
A hook-like tool used to tear away ore, rock, etc
Something that rips (something)
Someone who rips (something)
Something that is an excellent example of its kind
A murderer who kills and often mutilates victims with a blade or similar sharp weapon
{n} one who rips up, one who discloses
a murderer who slashes the victims with a knife; "Jack the ripper was probably a madman"
One who, or that which, rips; a ripping tool
a program that reads data from a music CD and converts the music to mp3 format
A ripper is a program that takes song from an audio CD in a computer's CD-ROM drive and turns the data into computer files, typically a WAV format file Then the song is ready to be recorded to a blank CD-R or CD-RW drive or encoded into an MP3 file
{i} person or thing that rips; device for ripping; murderer who slashes or mutilates his victims with a knife; person or thing that is particularly good or high-quality (British Slang)
Large, heavy hooks behind the tractor for ripping roots or brush Commonly used on bulldozers clearing land
A tool for trimming the edges of roofing slates
Anything huge, extreme, startling, etc
One who brings fish from the seacoast to markets in inland towns
n Digital audio technology that converts audio data from a compact disc into a WAV file or other digital format An encoder then converts this file into a file (typically an MP3 file) that can be played back by software known as a player See also encoder, MP3
a murderer who slashes the victims with a knife; "Jack the ripper was probably a madman
ripper act
An act or a bill conferring upon a chief executive, as a governor or mayor, large powers of appointment and removal of heads of departments or other subordinate officials
Jack the Ripper
An unidentified 19th century murderer in England, who has become part of folklore
bodice ripper
A sexually explicit romantic novel, usually in a historical setting, especially one involving the seduction of the heroine

My aunt would bring a stack of torrid bodice rippers with her to the beach, and would unfailingly blush if disturbed in her reading.

Alternative spelling of bodice ripper
Jack the Ripper
the name given to a man who killed and cut up the bodies of several prostitutes (=women who are paid to have sex) in the Whitechapel area of London in 1888. The police never caught him and never discovered who he was. The name "the Ripper" is now sometimes used to describe criminals who murder people in a similar way. Pseudonymous murderer of at least five women, all prostitutes, in or near London's Whitechapel district, from Aug. 7 to Nov. 10, 1888. The throat of each victim was cut, and usually the body was mutilated in a manner indicating the murderer had considerable knowledge of human anatomy. Authorities received a series of taunting notes from a person calling himself Jack the Ripper and purporting to be the murderer. Although strenuous efforts were made to identify and trap the killer, he remained unknown. The unsolved case retained its hold on the popular imagination, becoming the subject of several motion pictures and more than 100 books, as well as a macabre tourist industry in London
Jack the Ripper
{i} serial murderer that terrorized London in the 1800's
bodice ripper
disapproval You can refer to a film or novel which is set in the past and which includes a lot of sex scenes as a bodice ripper, especially if you do not think it is very good and is just intended to entertain people. A work of popular fiction characterized by scenes of unrestrained romantic passion
bodice ripper
a romantic novel containing scenes in which the heroine is sexually violated
jack the ripper
an unidentified English murderer in the 19th century
plural of ripper



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    /ˈrəpər/ /ˈrɪpɜr/


    () From rip + -er, originated 1605 – 15.