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Englisch - Englisch
having the structure of a net or a network; netlike
{a} made in form of a net
Of or pertaining to a reticulum
{s} resembling a net, netlike; intricate, complicated, complex
Having the form of a net, or of network; formed with interstices; retiform; as, reticular cartilage; a reticular leaf
Pertaining to or resembling a net
resembling or forming a network; "the reticulate veins of a leaf"; "a reticulated highway system"
reticulum (small net)
– meshed, net-like or lace-like
reticular formation
Part of the brain that is involved in actions such as awaking/sleeping cycle, and filtering incoming stimuli to discriminate irrelevant background stimuli
reticular information
the Internet
reticular activating system
the network in the reticular formation that serves an alerting or arousal function
reticular dermis
{i} thick and main layer of the dermis that is placed below the papillary dermis
reticular formation
A diffuse network of nerve fibers and cells in parts of the brainstem, important in regulating consciousness or wakefulness
reticular formation
a complex neural network in the central core of the brainstem; monitors the state of the body and functions in such processes as arousal and sleep and attention and muscle tone