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A payment to a remote recipient
{n} money sent to a distant place
The transmittal of payment in the form of cash or negotiable instruments from one party to another
The act of transmitting money, bills, or the like, esp
The sum or thing remitted
A payment in response to a bill or an invoice
{i} transferral of funds, sending of a payment
The cash distribution sent each month to Wachovia and the accompanying report that specifies the cash distribution, by scheduled principal, interest, and unscheduled recoveries of principal, being made that month, all in accordance with Chapter 4 of this Guide
A remittance is a sum of money that you send to someone. Please enclose your remittance, making cheques payable to Thames Valley Technology. = payment
A transfer of funds for the purpose of paying a bill for example
An account of assigned claims processed for a particular provider of services
The sending of money to pay for a product or service Any sum sent for this purpose
a payment of money sent to a person in another place
to a distant place, as in satisfaction of a demand, or in discharge of an obligation
Money sent from one place or person to another A remittance economy is one dependent on such money transfers, often from a family member abroad to relatives back home
remittance man
An unwanted or underachieving man, or occasionally a youngest son, sent by relatives to a distant land and sent regular remittances of upkeep money, in order that he doesn't come back
remittance men
plural form of remittance man
remittance advice
Remittance advice is a most common type of document which advises the amount of a payment has been made. It is a financial source document which prepared by buyer send to seller with the payment. Seller can check remittance advice against to their records. Therefore it is a way of saving time for the seller
remittance letter
list of checks to be collected
remittance man
an exile living on money sent from home
Remittance Advice
plural of remittance