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Englisch - Türkisch
(Bilgisayar) yeniden grupla
(Politika, Siyaset) yeniden gruplandırmak
yeniden gruplaşmak
türküm kurmak
yeniden türkümleşmek
yeniden türkümlendirmek
tekrar grupla
{f} tekrar grup oluşturmak
{f} yeniden toplamak
{f} düzenlerini değiştirmek
regroup airfield
(Askeri) YENİDEN TOPLANMA HAVAALANI: Hava araçlarının H-saati sonrası yeniden teçhizi, silahların yeniden hazırlanması, yeniden silahlı alarma geçilmesi, deniz aşırı bölgelere yayılma veya müteakip muharebe görevlerinin sevk ve idaresi acil maksatlarıyla toplanmaları planlanmış, askeri veya sivil bir havaalanı. Ayrıca bakınız: "airfield"
regroup airfield
(Askeri) yeniden toplanma hava alanı
regroup objects
(Bilgisayar) nesneleri yeniden gruplandır
yeniden gruplama
Englisch - Englisch
To pause and get organized before trying again; to group or categorize again
{f} reorganize in groups; arrange in new groups; rearrange again
When people, especially soldiers, regroup, or when someone regroups them, they form an organized group again, in order to continue fighting. Now the rebel army has regrouped and reorganised The rebels may simply be using the truce to regroup their forces
From Parallel Lines or other applicable formations Centers Trade & Roll as Ends 1/4 Out, Trade & Veer Out (Press Out) Parallel Lines end in Facing Lines
To change the grouping of numbers by separating ones, from tens, from hundreds, and so forth, and grouping the parts of the numbers with other like values (See borrowing, carrying )
A process used in real estate auctions where a bidder has the opportunity to combine several parcels of land previously selected by other bidders, thereby creating one larger parcel out of several smaller parcels This process is often used in conjunction with bidder's choice
reorganize into new groups
organize anew, as after a setback
past of regroup
present participle of regroup
third-person singular of regroup