punch and judy show

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punch ve Judy show
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English puppet show starring the cruel husband Punch and his nagging wife Judy (derived from the Italian commedia dell'arte)
A Punch and Judy show is a puppet show for children, often performed at fairs or at the seaside. Punch and Judy, the two main characters, are always fighting. a traditional type of entertainment for children, especially at British seaside towns, that uses puppets
Punch and Judy
A two sided ideological battle, or contradictory arguing

Like all binary debates, while it's certainly true that questions about public service broadcasting and the role of the BBC have risen up the agenda recently, it is easy, even from the offices of the BBC in White City, to get stuck in a Punch and Judy discourse.

Punch and Judy
A traditional sideshow often found at seaside resorts, consisting of various glove puppets operated by one man in a small tent style booth theatre
punch and judy show


    punch and Ju·dy show

    Türkische aussprache

    pʌnç ınd cudi şō


    /ˈpənʧ ənd ˈʤo͞odē ˈsʜō/ /ˈpʌnʧ ənd ˈʤuːdiː ˈʃoʊ/