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Englisch - Türkisch

Sami bir sapık tarafından öldürüldü. - Sami was murdered by a psycho.

(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) psikopat

Ben bir psikopat değilim. - I'm not a psychopath.

Leyla, Sami ve Salima üç psikopat katildiler. - Layla, Sami, and Salima were three psychopathic killers.

psycho killer
sapık katil
psycho sexual
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) ruhsal cinsel
(önek) ruh
psycho kinesis
psiko Kinesis
psycho sexual
Sapık cinsel
psycho therapy
(Askeri) RUHSAL TEDAVİ: Tıbbi, cerrahi, fizik tedavileri dışında görüşme ve konuşma yoluyla tedavi
(Tıp) psikoz
plural of psycho
psiko çoğul
Englisch - Englisch
A person who is psychotic or otherwise insane

The loony bin up on the hill is full of psychos.

Psychotic, or otherwise insane
A person who acts in a bizarre or dangerous manner

She complained that he was a psycho for driving at such a high speed in heavy traffic.

a person afflicted with psychosis
A psycho is someone who has serious mental problems and who may act in a violent way without feeling sorry for what they have done. Some psycho picked her up, and killed her. = psychopath. a US horror film (= a film that is intended to make you feel frightened) made by Alfred Hitchcock. Its most famous scene is the one in which the character acted by Janet Leigh is killed with a knife by Norman Bates, played by Anthony Perkins, while she is in the shower (1960). psychos someone who is mentally ill and who may behave in a violent or strange way
{i} mentally disturbed person, person who suffers from mental illness
pref. of the mind, of the psyche
psychh` the soul, the mind, the understanding; as, psychology
A combining form from Gr
Psycho- is added to words in order to form other words which describe or refer to things connected with the mind or with mental processes. the psycho-social aspects of youth unemployment. psych- relating to the mind and the mental processes, rather than the body
psycho-motoric center
part of the hindbrain that is responsible for reflexes
plural of psycho