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Englisch - Türkisch
(Telekom) kontörlü hat
(Ticaret) peşin ödenen
(Telekom) kontürlü hat
(Ticaret) peşin ödenmiş
(Ticaret) önceden ödenen
önceden ödenmiş
(sıfat) önceden ödenmiş
önceden öde
f., bak. prepay
prepaid card
hazır kart
prepaid ticket advice
peşin ödenmiş bilet ihbarı
prepaid charges
(Ticaret) peşin ödenen masraflar
prepaid direct taxes
(Ticaret) peşin vergi
prepaid expense
(Ticaret) gelecek döneme ait masraf
prepaid expense
(Ticaret) peşin ödenmiş masraf
prepaid expense
(Ticaret) peşin ödenen masraf
prepaid freight
(Ticaret) peşin ödenen navlun
prepaid income
(Ticaret) önceden tahsil edilen gelir
prepaid income
(Ticaret) peşin tahsil edilmiş gelir
prepaid income
(Ticaret) gelecek döneme ait gelir
prepaid letter
(Ticaret) peşin ödenen mektup
prepaid line
faturasız hat
prepaid parcel
(Ticaret) peşin ödenen koli
prepaid postage
posta ücreti ödenmiş
prepaid postage
posta ücreti ödenmiştir
prepaid rent
(Ticaret) peşin ödenen kira
prepaid rent
(Ticaret) peşin ödenmiş kira
prepaid tax
(Ticaret) peşin ödenen vergi
prepaid taxes and funds
(Ticaret) peşin ödenen vergi ve fonlar
ön ödeme yapmak
başından ödemek
cargo prepaid
navlunu peşin ödenmiş
frt. ppd. , freight prepaid
Frt. ppd. , Peşin ödenen navlun
load prepaid minutes to phone
kontör yüklemek
on ödeme
cargo prepaid
(Ticaret) navlunu peşin ödenen kargo
charges prepaid
(Ticaret) önceden ödenen masraflar
prepaymentpeşin ödeme
{f} (pre.paid) parasını önceden vermek, peşin ödemek
parasını önceden vermek
peşin ödemek
önceden ödemek
prepayablepeşin ödenir
önceden öde
Englisch - Englisch
Simple past tense and past participle of prepay
paid for in advance
Prepaid items are paid for in advance, before the time when you would normally pay for them. Return the enclosed Donation Form today in the prepaid envelope provided. if something is prepaid, it is paid for before it is needed or used
Paid in full in advance
A wireless service plan offered by most carriers which allows users to prepay wireless service minutes Carriers typically do not require users to sign service contracts or run credit checks for pre-paid plans
used especially of mail; paid in advance
Shipper is responsible for paying the shipping and other charges   At this time prepaid is only acceptable if the shipper has a credit account with Integres  
A freight term which indicates that charges are to be paid by the shipper
Supplier pays freight and invoices buyer
The shipper pays the freight charges
All charges incurred from door-to-airport are paid by the shipper
One of the payment status where freight and charges are required to be paid by shipper before original bill of lading is released to them
A term denoting that transportation charges have been or are to be paid at the point of shipment
{s} paid in advance, remunerated ahead of time, settled beforehand via payment
In interline moves, the amount of transportation and other charges are paid at the point of origin of the first rail carrier
A notation on a bill of lading that indicates that transportation charges have been paid or are to be paid at origin
This type of service requires no credit check or contracts The customer pays for their usage prior to actual use, but the per-minute rate is always more than it is with postpaid service
prepaid expenses
current asset that indicates amounts paid but will only be credited during the next accounting period, advances to customers (Accounting)
freight prepaid
Freight and charges to be paid by the consignor
freight prepaid
The freight and charges to be paid by the consignor
freight prepaid
An agreement between the seller and a buyer that the seller will pay for the transportation charges before delivery to the transportation carrier
To pay in advance, or beforehand; as, to prepay postage
to pay for something before you need it or use it
{f} pay in advance, give money in advance (to settle a debt)
pay for something before receiving it