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A group of associates
A criminal gang
A group of people summoned to help law enforcement
A search party
a force of men
{i} group of people who share an interest or hobby; company (Military); unit (Military); group of citizens mobilized to preserve public peace; search party; social group, group of friends (Slang)
{n} an armed power, large body, set, rabble
A posse of people is a group of people with the same job or purpose. a posse of reporters = group
See Posse comitatus
– A group of people given authority by a County’s peace officer to assist in preserving the peace
An approach to reading comprehension that combines text structure mapping and reciprocal teaching The steps include Predicting, Organizing, Searching, Summarizing and Evaluating
a temporary police force
(n) A group of people you hang out with, but not necessarily a gang "They got too, too, too much posse " --Public Enemy, "Too Much Posse"
A group of people summoned to aid in law enforcement
The collective term for a gang of Muppets Usually characterised by their shuffling gate and the cloud of 'Ilfiger that hovers around them
In former times, in the United States, a posse was a group of men who were brought together by the local law officer to help him chase and capture a criminal
A whole posse of men A large number; a crowd (See next article )
posse comitatus
Any band of men, especially armed or hostile

With him retired his ‘posse comitatus,’ / The attorney last, who linger'd near the door / Reluctantly .

posse comitatus
The able-bodied men over 15 in a given county who can be summoned by the sheriff to help keep the peace, or arrest a felon; also a group of men so gathered
posse comitatus
The power of the county, or the citizens who may be summoned by the sheriff to assist the authorities in suppressing a riot, or executing any legal precept which is forcibly opposed
posse comitatus
A collection of people; a throng; a rabble
in posse
in possibility, having a potential to exist, in potential but not in actuality, (contradistinguished by in esse)
in posse
possibly, potentially, within the realm of possibility
in posse
In possibility; possible, although not yet in existence or come to pass; contradistinguished from in esse
archaic, third-person singular of poss
Plural of posse



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    /ˈpäsē/ /ˈpɑːsiː/


    [ 'pä-sE ] (noun.) 1645. From Medieval Latin posse comitatus.

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