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A privilege or possession held or claimed exclusively by a certain person, group or class

Private jets and motor yachts are a perquisite of the rich.

A gratuity

After the wonderful service that evening he didn’t hesitate in laying a substantial perquisite on the table.

Any monetary or other incidental benefit beyond salary

The perquisites of this job include health insurance and a performance bonus.

any profit from service beyond the amount fixed as salary or wages
Something gained from a place or employment over and above the ordinary salary or fixed wages for services rendered; especially, a fee allowed by law to an officer for a specific service
Things gotten by a man's own industry, or purchased with his own money, as opposed to things which come to him by descent
a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right); "suffrage was the prerogative of white adult males"
an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right); "a limousine is one of the fringe benefits of the job"
{i} something in addition to regular pay for one's work, bonus; side income
A perquisite is the same as a perk. cost-free long-distance calls, a perquisite of her employment. a perk (past participle of perquirere )

Free coffee is one of the perks of the job.

plural of perquisite