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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} barışma
(isim) barışma
ara bulma
Englisch - Englisch
The act of reconciling two people or groups who disagree
{i} conciliation, act of creating peace between enemies; settling disputes, reconciliation
or bringing hostile parties together to resolve conflict without warfare is one of the most important roles that the UN plays in maintaining world peace and security Through the use of diplomacy, mediation, arbitration and other conflict resolution techniques, a neutral third party such as the UN helps the contentious parties arrive at a peaceful resolution of their differences
Peacemaking is the term often used to refer to negotiating the resolution of a conflict between people, groups, or nations It goes beyond peacekeeping to actually deal with the issues in dispute, but falls short of peace building, which aims toward reconciliation and normalization of relations between ordinary people, not just the formal resolution which is written on paper
the diplomatic process or military actions to gain an end to disputes
Peacemaking efforts are attempts to persuade countries or groups to stop fighting with each other. the failure of international peacemaking efforts The United States is more than ever the prime mover in Middle East peace-making
Efforts to bring hostile parties to agreement by peaceful means such as mediation and negotiation