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Chaos; tumultuous or lawless violence

Whenever you have violent pandemonium, there's the overwhelming possibility for panic and tragedy.

A place where all demons live; Hell

And Trumpets sound throughout the Host proclaimA solemn Councel forthwith to be heldAt Pandæmonium, the high CapitolOf Satan and his Peers.

An outburst; loud, riotous uproar, especially of a crowd
a fiendish or riotous uproar
{n} the council-chamber of the devils
An utterly lawless, riotous place or assemblage
{i} riot, uproar, turmoil, panic, confusion; din, noise, ruckus
a state of extreme confusion and disorder
The great hall or council chamber of demons or evil spirits
If there is pandemonium in a place, the people there are behaving in a very noisy and uncontrolled way. There was pandemonium in court as the judge gave his summing up. a situation in which there is a lot of noise because people are angry, confused or frightened = chaos (Pandaemonium city of evil spirits in the poem Paradise Lost (1667) by John Milton, from pan- ( PAN-) + daimon )
pandemonium broke out
the situation became disorderly, a riot occurred