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Daughter of Asclepius and Salus (or Epione). She was the personification of healing through herbs
A particular plant believed to provide a cure-all

There, whether it diuine Tobacco were, / Or Panachæa, or Polygony, / She found, and brought it to her patient deare .

Something that will solve all problems

A monorail will be a panacea for our traffic woes.

A remedy believed to cure all disease and prolong life that was originally sought by alchemists; a cure-all
a remedy or medicine proposed for or professing to cure all diseases
{n} an universal medicin, an herb
If you say that something is not a panacea for a particular set of problems, you mean that it will not solve all those problems. Membership of the ERM is not a panacea for Britain's economic problems. something that people think will make everything better and solve all their problems = cure-all panacea for (panakeia, from pan- ( PAN-) + akeisthai )
a miracle cure-all
{i} cure-all, medication which can heal any problem
The herb allheal
hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases; once sought by the alchemists
\pan-uh-SEE-uh\, noun: A remedy for all diseases, problems, or evils; a universal medicine; a cure-all
A remedy for all diseases; a universal medicine; a cure-all; catholicon; hence, a relief or solace for affliction
cure all
plural of panacea