oya ile süslemek

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Türkisch - Englisch
a heavy or headlong fall, an upset
to flow with murmuring sound in swirls and eddies
formerly ale spiced with wormwood and sometimes warmed

A double mug of purle. (The Spectator No. 88.).

{n} a sort of lace, border, bitter malt liquor
to cause to whirl, as in an eddy
to upset, to spin, capsize, fall heavily, fall headlong
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gold or silver wire thread
knit with a purl stitch
{i} rippling or gushing sound made by flowing water; small whirlpool, eddy; inverted stitch (Knitting); gold or silver thread used in embroidery
An embroidered and puckered border; a hem or fringe, often of gold or silver twist; also, a pleat or fold, as of a band
the edge of lace trimmed with loops
An inversion of stitches in knitting, which gives to the work a ribbed or waved appearance
To run swiftly round, as a small stream flowing among stones or other obstructions; to eddy; also, to make a murmuring sound, as water does in running over or through obstructions
To decorate with fringe or embroidered edge
flow in a circular current, of liquids
Türkisch - Türkisch
oya ile süslemek