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(Tıp) Tıkaç
(Askeri) GAZ PAFTASI, TEŞDİT TERTİBATI: Mermi veya kamadan, gazların kaçmasına meydan vermemek için, kama payı ucunun gaz kaçırmaz hale sokmaya yarayan cihaz
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An object used to obstruct a hole
That which closes or stops an opening
An apparatus designed to close an unnatural opening, as a fissure of the palate
In weapons, this is a device for making the tube of a weapon gas-tight, preventing any escape of gas until the projectile has left the muzzle For bag guns using the De Bange system used on Welin breech blocks (named after Captain de Bange of the French Army who invented it in 1872), this is a doughnut-shaped washer pad, also known as a "gas check pad," that is located between the mushroom head and the screw breech When the breech is closed, rotating the screw squeezes the pad against a conical section of the gun barrel When the gun is fired the mushroom head is driven back against the pad which forces it tighter into the conical seating and thus seals the barrel For guns using cartridge ammunition, the cartridge itself becomes the obturator Also see "Obturator" under Projectile Definitions
A prosthesis used to close an opening Frequently used to close the defect caused by a cleft palate
a prosthesis used to close an opening (as to close an opening of the hard palate in cases of cleft palate)
A camera shutter
Any device for preventing the escape of gas through the breech mechanism of a breech-loading gun; a gas check
Instrument used to occlude a hollow cannula
A plastic (acrylic) appliance, usually removable, used to close a cleft in the hard palate; it is sometimes used to aid in feeding
Serving as an obturator; closing an opening; pertaining to, or in the region of, the obturator foramen; as, the obturator nerve
{i} someone or something that obturates, that which closes or obstructs
obturator vein
a vein formed by the union of tributaries that drain the hip joints and thigh muscles; empties into the internal iliac vein
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(Sinema) shutter





    [ 'äb-ty&-"rA-t&r, ] (noun.) circa 1741. From Latin obtūrō (“to stop, block up”).

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